Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Copycat Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs {Recipe Repeat}

Even though Easter is coming later this year, it is still coming too fast for me! I think the weather is partly to blame for my lack of Easter prep...it hasn't felt like Spring! But with the Easter Bunny arriving this weekend, I better get myself in gear. One thing that is a 'must have' around here, as far as Easter candy goes, are peanut butter eggs. Chocolate covered, peanut butter filled, shaped like eggs....yes, please. 
Lucky for us, (lucky being a relative term here), I discovered how to easily whip these up at home with just a few ingredients, and no BUTTER. Don't get me wrong, butter is awesome. However, I don't want to eat it when it's not necessary...you know, the whole 'moment on the lips, lifetime on the hips' thing. I'm not saying these peanut butter eggs are healthy, but there are no weird ingredients, no added butter, and they taste awesome.
The filling is only 3 ingredients and then it's dipped in chocolate. In my experience, regular peanut butter works better than natural peanut butter, but natural peanut butter can be used if you chill the dough well (the filling get's soft and hard to dip otherwise.) I also recommend doubling the posted recipe, because they are that good! HERE is the link to the original post. Enjoy!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Quick and Easy Stromboli - Dinner in under 30 minutes

Spring is here, and so are the extra curricular activities for my kids. We have just finished volleyball, soccer is ending soon, and softball and T-ball are beginning. Not only does that mean I'm doing a lot of running around, it also means that dinner time is usually something that can be done quick, fast and in a hurry! With someone having practice almost every night of the week, I've been trying to make things with little prep time AND something they all will eat. Which is almost an impossible task. However, things involving bread and cheese are usually winners. Enter the Quick and Easy Stromboli!
Next time I'll add a little more filling, but my kids aren't big on meat or veggies, so my options were limited. You can always add more cheese. Mo'cheese is mo'betta :-)

Excuse the next few pics. They were taken in my gloomy kitchen with my cell phone. This was one of those 'come on and let's go' nights!
All you need is some pizza dough. I used this recipe because I actually thought far enough in advance that I could make it in my bread machine on the dough cycle. Since that doesn't happen often, a store bought pizza dough is fine. And if you use a prepared dough, this meal can be made in under 30 minutes! Spread it out in a rectangle and fill it with your favorite things - or do what I did and clean out the fridge...I had partial bags of different cheeses, some turkey pepperoni, and Canadian bacon. You could also add peppers, onions, sausage, etc. Make sure you leave about an inch or so border.
Starting with the long side, roll up your dough, like making cinnamon rolls. (You know, if I ever actually made cinnamon rolls.) Brush the top with butter or olive oil. Add some Italian seasoning if desired. 
Bake, slice, eat, run out the door! At least that's the way it works here.

Quick and Easy Stromboli

(1) homemade or store bought pizza dough
Meat, cheese, veggies of choice
1 T. melted butter or olive oil
sprinkle of Italian Seasoning
  • Preheat oven to 450 degrees.
  • Roll out pizza dough into a rectangle shape onto a lightly floured surface. Roll it fairly thin, because it will rise while baking. Mine was a little thick.
  • Place toppings evenly over the dough, leaving a one inch border around edges.
  • Roll dough, starting at long edge, pressing the seam together at the end. 
  • Place rolled Stromboli, seam side down, on a baking sheet or hot pizza stone. (I used a pizza stone)
  • Brush dough with melted butter or olive oil, and sprinkle on seasonings.
  • Bake 10-15 minutes or until golden brown and the dough is cooked through.
  • Let rest for 5 minutes, then slice.
  • Dip in marinara or pizza sauce if desired.
Served with a side salad and some fruit, you have a fast and easy meal covering all the food groups! 

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Cleaning with Balance Bars (GIVEAWAY)

Spring is finally here! I think. You can't be too sure nowadays. However, if the pollen and asthma/allergies are any indication, then yep, Spring has finally sprung! Even though the pollen does cause my family and I lots of issues, I still love to see the flowers and trees blooming. It gives me a renewed sense of happiness and well being. It makes me want to make things fresh and clean....and that means spring cleaning! I have an entire Pinterest board devoted to cleaning. Not that I'm doing it, but hey, I have the resources whenever I get around to it! Not only do I want to purge and clean my house, but I want to shape up my diet as well. I've gotten back into the habit of lots of processed junk and too much sugar and carbs in my diet. Registered Dietitian, Sharon Richter, has come up with some tips to help us all start cleaning up our diet, by spring cleaning our pantry!
Balance Bar is doing their part as well, by offering healthier alternatives to many 'grab and go' snacks and teaming up with J.R. Watkins  which has awesome products without harsh toxins, so that we can "Spring Clean" inside and out!
 Balance Bar comes in a variety of flavors, like Dark Chocolate PeanutDark Chocolate Crunch and Dark Chocolate Coconut.  And if you follow my blog, you know that I big pink puffy heart dark chocolate!
Not only do they come in my favorite flavors, but they have 13g of protein, and are gluten free. They make a good pre- or post-workout snack and are great for keeping in your purse or desk drawer for a mid-day snack to tide you over until your next meal. I shared my Balance Bars with my workout buddies and they were well received. It's not a candy bar, but it doesn't have the really harsh "protein-y" taste that some protein bars do. I know for me, that I am more likely to make poor food choices when I am really hungry, so keeping healthier snacks around is important. Learn more by following Balance Bar on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
In addition to the Balance Bars, today's giveaway also includes this White Tea and Bamboo All Purpose Cleaner and Hand Soap by J.R, Watkins. It has a very fresh and clean scent without using harsh chemicals. I have already given the all purpose cleaner a work out since I have a lot of kitchen counter tops...and they constantly need cleaning! Learn more about the products by checking them out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

So, on to the giveaway! To get you in the mood to start your own spring cleaning, Balance Bar and J.R.Watkins are providing a prize pack to one Makin' it Mo'Betta reader including a variety of Balance Bars and the above White Tea and Bamboo All Purpose Cleaner and Hand Soap.
You'll receive more bars than pictured. I sort of ate most of mine before taking blog pictures. oops.

Just enter via a Rafflecopter giveaway form. Prize pack only available for shipping within U.S.

Disclosure: I received the same prize pack as being offered as a giveaway. Both prize packs are provided by Balance Bar/JR Watkins. No other compensation was received for this post. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Grow Something Greater with Miracle-Gro {#sponsored}

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Miracle-Gro for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

As a Southern woman, I think gardening is in my blood! My parents garden, my grandparents always had a garden, and my GREAT-grandparents had a garden. I'm sure their parents did as well! I can vividly remember being a young child and wondering why in the world my parents/grandparents wanted to be out in the heat, dealing with weeds and bugs, etc. just to grow flowers and vegetables. Then I grew up....and couldn't wait to have a garden of my own!

Yep, it's like Gardens Gone Wild. This was my first garden, and obviously, I had no idea what I was doing. I planted a bunch of seeds, of a bunch of stuff, and I was so excited when the seeds sprouted that I didn't have the heart to thin them out. I let them grow. I let them ALL grow! I had about a million cucumbers and zucchini that year. I bet I had 20 watermelons too. It was a mess, but it was amazing!

My kids were excited to see everything grow too. This is my daughter checking on a watermelon.

Of course, not everyone was thrilled! It was hot, and it was a lot of work, but it taught me so much! And my family ate more vegetables the two years I had a garden than any other time in their lives! Life got in the way of my gardening for the past 2 years, but now that I'm moved and settled, I am really hoping to Gro Something Greater with my children. I want them to take the lessons you can learn from gardening into adulthood. It is so rewarding nurturing a seedling into a plant that produces food for your family. Hard work and perseverance pay off. As well as that sense of accomplishment you get from harvesting a meal for your family right from your back yard! I thought it was so cool to run outside and grab lettuce and carrots and basil for dinner and can't wait to do it again!

Part of what I learned is that anything you grow must be cared for and nurtured in the right way to produce the best possible yield. In gardening, it was definitely trial and error. In life, and with my children, I make the best possible decisions I can to have them grow strong and prosper. Too bad they don't make a Miracle-Gro for kids that gives them everything they need to grow big and strong! (Speaking of Miracle-Gro, my grandmother used it for as long as I could remember, and swore by it! And her plants and flowers were always gorgeous! But more on that in another post!)

What about you? Are you a green thumb? Do you love growing flowers or veggies? Share your stories here and at grosomethinggreater.com. Let's inspire one another to embrace our roots or plant some of our own! (You like that little play on words...roots - gardening...I'm witty like that. haha)

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Cake Mix Cookie Bars {4 ingredients}

I know I've shared cake mix cookie bars on the blog before, but this recipe is even easier! Just a few ingredients, and a little oven time and you can have an entire pan of chewy, yummy cookies. I mean, your kids can have a pan. Because I made it for them. Seriously. It wasn't my insane PMS-induced chocolate cravings that prompted me to make an entire 9 x 13 pan of cookies. *ahem* Moving on -
Mr. Three requested M's on the cookies. I'm cool with that. There is just something about that candy that screams happy. If I could leave jars of them around the house, just for decoration I would. However, they wouldn't last a microsecond in my house. We have chocolate issues.

I like this recipe because it calls for a lot less oil than other recipes I've seen, and as you can see, this is a dense cookie texture, not a fluffy cake-like texture. And they are super fast and easy to throw together. This is probably not a good thing for my waistline. I mean really, a whole pan of cookies in less than 30 minutes?! Dangerous.

Cake Mix Cookie Bars

1 box cake mix (any flavor, I used chocolate fudge)
2 eggs
1/3 cup oil
1 1/2 cups mix-ins (I used M and M's and chocolate chips)
  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  • Spray a 9 x 13 pan with cooking spray.
  • Mix together first 3 ingredients in a medium size bowl until dough comes together in a thick dough (it will be like cookie dough, not like cake batter)
  • Stir in your preferred mix-ins.
  • Press dough into prepared pan and bake for 15-20 minutes. 
  • Allow to cool (I'm kidding...of course you are going to dive right in to hot cookies! But just in case you are making them to take somewhere, let them cool before cutting into bars!)
Recipe source: Penny's Food Blog

There is no wonder I have a stock pile of various candies, chocolate chips and cake mixes. You just never know when a cookie emergency will strike. Gotta be prepared ;-)

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fun! New American Greetings eCards! {#sponsored}

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of eCards from American Greetings for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I'm one of those people who loves to give cards, but never remembers to buy them. We give gifts all the time with no card attached, and then I'm like "oh man, I forgot the card! (again!)"  Or I pick out this great card to send to someone...and weeks later I find it sitting somewhere because I forgot to mail it.  Soooo, eCards are perfect for me! American Greetings now has eCards AND video eCards and I have had the most fun choosing cards. The best part is, I don't have to remember to buy stamps, get them in the mailbox, etc. Just a click of a button and I can let friends and family know that I am thinking of them. Learn more or Make your American Greetings eCard now!

I made a video eCard for my little boy who is turning 6 next week. The cool part is that you can customize the video to include specific things relevant to the recipient. The above picture shows how you customize - you can add the person's name or something like "son/daughter/etc", the sender's name (I just put 'mama', b/c that's what my baby calls me. #Southernism); their favorite food; and age or something like "over the hill/another year older/etc". It's fun to look through the options, and more fun to hear the customized options in the video. I can't wait for my little man to see it, I think he will really get a kick out of it!

They have eCards and video eCards for many different occasions. Since my sister is expecting her first baby (and I finally get to be an Aunt! I'm so excited!) I had to check out their baby cards. These immediately caught my eye...

Are they not the cutest?! I'm really hoping my sister and her hubby find out the sex AND decide to share it (at least with me) because I want to buy every baby item I see :-) Of course, first and foremost we want a healthy baby, and the baby has to cooperate on ultrasound and there are no guarantees that will happen. Anywho, I could write an entire blog post about babies, so let's focus!

Not only can you email the cards you want to send, you can chose to send it direct to mobile OR Facebook! I really like the Facebook option. Here is a little more info -

To have this convenience and awesomeness at your fingertips, all you have to do is become a member. The membership options are:

Monthly - $3.99/month
Yearly  - $19.99/year
2 year membership - $29.99 *Best Deal*

The video eCards are included with membership, and also included in the FREE 7-Day Trial Membership if you just want to try it out before committing.

So what about you? Are you a card person? Am I the only one that can be found sobbing in the card isle, or pick out cards just to leave them sitting on the counter?!

like American Greetings on Facebook
follow American Greetings on Twitter
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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Skinny Cherry Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast w/GIVEAWAY! {#sponsored}

Today I get to talk about one of my favorite things...BREAD! Hi, my name is Kim and I am a carb-addict. Seriously, I love bread - all kinds of bread, and so do my kids. If there is a bread basket around, you better watch out, b/c they will crush it. So, it's no surprise that when I was given the opportunity to get free coupons for Arnold®, Brownberry® and Oroweat® Sandwich Thins® and Pocket Thins® and Thomas'® Bagel Thins ®, I jumped on it. I was already a fan of their products, and purchase some items on a regular basis. 
Like these Arnold®, Brownberry® and Oroweat® Sandwich Thins® Rolls. I use them for sandwiches frequently, like this breakfast sammie loaded with lots of protein (eggs, Canadian Bacon, reduced fat cheese) and the rolls are only 3 PointsPlus on Weight Watchers®! They come in 100% Whole Wheat, Healthy Multi-grain, Honey Wheat, and Flax & Fiber. I like to make this sandwich on Bagel Thins ® too. However, I've had this recipe pinned for a while, and definitely wanted to try it out. I came up with a slightly different version and it was quite tasty!
I enjoyed this on my sun porch on a (finally!) nice day, and (briefly) pretended like I was on vacation...because it reminded me of something I would only eat while splurging at breakfast or brunch while on vacay!
However, this quick and easy version can be made anytime, letting you feel like you are splurging, when you're actually not!
YUM! If you are not a fan of cherries, you could use any no sugar added/sugar free pie filling (apple, blueberry, etc.) or fresh fruit too.  Blueberry and lemon curd will be my next flavor combo!

Skinny Cherry Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast

1-2 Tablespoons reduced fat/fat free cream cheese (depending on taste preference, I used 2 T.)
1/4 cup No Sugar Added Cherry Pie Filling
1 egg or 1/4 cup Egg Beaters
Cooking spray (I used Trader Joe's Coconut Oil Spray)
sprinkle of cinnamon
powdered sugar (optional)
  • Add cream cheese to bottom half of roll.
  • Top with pie filling.
  • Place top of roll on pie filling, making a sandwich. Gently press together.
  • In a shallow bowl, beat one egg or pour in Egg Beaters, sprinkle with cinnamon (a lot or little depending on taste preference. I like a lot!)
  • Carefully dip sandwich in egg, flipping to coat both sides. Allow excess to drain off.
  • Heat a skillet on medium high heat and coat with cooking spray (can also use reduced calorie butter spread). 
  • Add sandwich and cook until browned on bottom, then flip and cook other side. 
  • To serve, add a dusting of powdered sugar. Enjoy!
Recipe adapted from Skinny Kitchen

I've only made one at a time, so I saved my leftover egg/cinnamon mixture in a sealed plastic container to use later in the week, as well as the pie filling. I'm pretty sure the pie filling could be frozen as well, but I haven't tried that yet. (I have another super easy recipe using pie filling coming soon!)

You could also make French Toast with bagels. I usually buy the Thomas'® Bagel Thins® Bagels because they are only 110 calories and 3 PointsPlus on Weight Watchers®. (They come in Plain, 100% Whole Wheat, Cinnamon Raisin and Everything) but when shopping I saw these....
Banana Bread Bagels! I knew my kids would flip since they love banana bread. They smell heavenly (the bagels, not my kids) and I don't even like bananas! I think they would be really awesome in this recipe I found for Bread Pudding using bagels. However, I don't think ours will last long enough! I need to go back to the store anyway, because my 5 y/o loves pizza made on bagels, and I need plain for that. We also like to make pizzas on flatbread. Arnold®, Brownberry® and Oroweat® makes Pocket Thins® Flatbread which are perfect for this, and they are only 3 PointsPlus on Weight Watchers too! They come in 100% Whole Wheat and Healthy Multi-grain.

Now, who wants to get their own free product coupons AND a $25 Visa Gift Card?! Because I appreciate all of you, and want to enable you in your own carb-loving addiction, one Makin' it Mo'Betta reader will win just that! To enter, use the Rafflecopter form. (If viewing this in an email, you will need to open it up in the browser so that the form will load.) Open to US residents only. 

Disclosure: Sandwich Thins®, Pocket Thins® and Bagel Thins ® provided me with coupons for free product and a gift card for recipe ingredients. The opinions and photos are my own!


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