Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What's one more?!

My girls had a friend over for the day, and around noon I started thinking "crap, what am I going to feed everyone!"  Because, of course, I had not thought ahead, and had not been to the grocery store.  No bread, no frozen pizza, no money for takeout - what's a mom to do?  Well, I looked at what I had....lots of fresh fruit and LOTS of cucumbers (still!).  So, i made a(nother) fruit and veggie tray - cucumbers, grapes, apples, and a fresh picked straight-from-our-garden watermelon!!  The kids thought this was great, my girls finally got to pick their watermelon and they all enjoyed it.  We took pictures with our prize and everything!  I know, I'm the dorkiest mom - but my kids are little, so they haven't figured that out yet.  I also gave the kids some Sun Chips, and cut up the remaining Chocolate Banana Muffins (in quarters).  They never complained or asked for pizza once!  Score for mom! 

(p.s. when children take pictures looking up at you, it makes you look gi-normous!)

It wasn't the ripest or best watermelon I've ever had, but the girls ate it ALL!  Who knew you could get so excited over growing stuff?!

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