Tuesday, July 20, 2010

i make an awesome sandwich

Remember the giveaways I mentioned the other day?  Well, I WON one!!  YAY!!  I heart free stuff and this is something I can REALLY use, as in every day starting the end of August!  It was for the EasyLunchBox system and I'm totally syked (can you tell I'm a product of the 80's) about being able to pack lunches in these containers instead of baggies....hundreds and hundreds of baggies!  One small step for mankind.....The giveaway was hosted by Ashley at Food, Fotos and Fun!  Check out her blog - Thanks Ashley!!!
This workout really....umm, well, worked me out!  I am so sore!  I know some people will look at this and laugh - and are probably just getting warmed up at this point.  But not me....I'm so not in shape.  And my cardio sucks needs improving!  AND I have a huge blister to contend with....yes, I'm whining.  But anyway, I'm still committed to seeing it through.  Since I was hot, tired and just didn't feel like cooking, I fixed an awesome, super duper, fan-tabulous sandwich for dinner instead. 

Of course, it still involved turning on the oven...oh well.  I love a good sammy.  It had everything but the kitchen sink....I went light on the meat and cheese and loaded it up with fresh veggies.  All the peppers and the tomato were from my garden!!  Speaking of garden...today I "found" 3 more watermelons growing!!!!  If you are wondering how you can miss a watermelon, it's because that one plant has gone insane.  It takes up 1/4 of the garden area and is growing everywhere, up the fence, through the fence - you get the picture - or you would, if I could remember to take one.  And there is grass growing under the plant, which I don't want to mess with too much for fear of damaging the plant and destroying my melons!  My husband just loves when I start talkin' about my "melons"! haha.  Anyway....back to dinner - the kids, of course, only want ham and cheese and lettuce.  My oldest will now add cucumbers.  They just don't know what's good! 
I loaded that baby down with turkey, a little cheese, lettuce, spinach, red onion, green, red and banana peppers, pickled jalapenos, Grey Poupon mustard, a little mayo, turkey bacon, tomato, balsamic vinegar, garlic powder.....did I forget anything?!  It took a while to assemble all that, but it was worth it!!  So good!  I put it all on wheat french bread and toasted it in the oven. 

Normally I would wrap it in aluminum foil, but did I have any? Of course not.  Ran out when I had to use it for the No Bake Chocolate cookies - b/c I was out of wax paper.  I'm seeing a pattern here.....  Anyway, we also had a fruit salad - that my girls made on their own today. (blueberries, strawberries, grapes and apples)  And I had a Michelob Ultra.  oops.

The girls also made this yesterday morning!  My husband woke up to find them in the kitchen, with the biscuits mixed up and the oven pre-heating.  I tried not to freak about them turning the oven on while we were SLEEPING, and I knew Number One could handle this....but OMG...I'm not ready to give them that much independence!!  But the hubs helped them finish their masterpiece...and they turned out quite good - but I SO did not need to eat a biscuit with cheese for breakfast! Of course, I ate one and raved about how delicious it was.  However, I need to teach them how to make something else...I'm thinking we'll try homemade yogurt today!!  You know there will be a post about it!

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  1. Thank you :-). I'm so glad you're excited to get the EasyLunchbox System - it's way better than plastic baggies! And do share if you teach your kids how to make homemade yogurt!



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