Wednesday, July 21, 2010

vampire repellent

Of course, the vampires I've seen are HOT, so who wants to repel them anymore?  Just sayin'.  Anyway, as I've mentioned before, I have a shitload abundance of basil and have been putting it on everything!  Since we were having pasta for dinner, I decided to make more pesto and add it to whole wheat spaghetti noodles.  It was soooo good!  Pesto=garlic=vampire tie in.  in case you live under a rock were not followin' the whole vampire thing.  Sorry...I need a vacation.

The kids took one look and saw green stuff and wouldn't even try it. They had their noodles with cheese only. bor-ring.

Number One loves some noodles! and sporting a new haircut - isn't it cute?!  And my goodness, those are behemoth portion sizes.  They didn't seem that large as we were stuffing our faces with them....I think it's the angle, or the lighting. (yeah, uh-huh - you believe me right?)

This was Terrible Two's response to dinner.  He had an apple.  and Rice Krispies.

This was my response to his pouting and refusing dinner.

I ate TOO much and didn't exercise. blah! I was giving my blister the day off, hoping it would heal up quickly.  Such a pain....literally!  We also started our yogurt, so there will be a post about it soon!

Also, I'm getting lots of peppers from my garden, any suggestions on what to do with them all?  I have frozen some, but was thinking about a pepper relish or something. 

Anyone pickled banana peppers before?  I love them on sandwiches, but I'm intimidated by the whole pickling/canning process.  However, I'm feeling very empowered since I think my yogurt turned out pretty well....I'll know in just a little while...and you'll know tomorrow!  I know everyone is waiting in breathless anticipation to my yogurt post...that's sarcasm.  Don't hate. *kiss kiss*


  1. I love fresh basil. I keep a pot of it in my kitchen to add to recipes. I wish I had an abundance. Have you ever put it on a sandwich instead of lettuce? I also use it on a pizza I make with grilled chicken and ricotta cheese. Yum, now I'm hungry!

  2. pesto is one of my favorite summertime foods...I always freeze it in MASS quantities for winter. I actually need to get started on doing that...

    I love your solution to the kids unwillingness to eat the green kind of solution as well!

    You could roast the peppers and make a pesto out of them! I've also made Pioneer Woman's roasted red pepper's dreamy.

  3. Joanne - great suggestions and roasted red pepper pasta sounds wonderful!! I plan on freezing pesto too! (and like you, I need to get started!)

  4. Karen - I love basil on my sandwiches! and the pizza sounds yummy!



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