Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday (Thank God) in 'Fotos'

Friday Fotos Folks, hee hee - I'm such a dork.  I've been slack in blogging this week, but it has been the week from H-E-Double L.  It started out the lowest of lows, but has ended with a fantastic high.  And NO, I've not been hittin' the wacky tobaccy (sp?)  Of course, had that been an option....just kidding (maybe).  It's been that crazy of a week.  Anyway, I plan to get it together for next week.  Hopefully.  You just never know.  But, I did want to share some pics that I took a week or so ago.  Because, as you know, I luuuv my garden.  (I know, it's kinda weird - but I've been fascinated that I can grow stuff.  and eat it)  Hope everyone has a Fabulous Friday and weekend!
 banana peppers
 (I realize you know what these are, but feel compelled to label my pics)
 green bell peppers
(they're hiding in there somewhere)
(yes, it's super tall now - that's Number One, who's over 4 feet)
close up of the Basil (love it!)
 Grape (or as we call them "baby") Tomatoes
some of them are quite freaky looking
apparently that's what happens when you grow them way too close together!

they didn't do very well
we've eaten 3 from one vine so far!
these should do better next year, if they survive that long!

And you can't escape without at least one kid pic....
Mr. Two - chillaxin'
Which is what I'm hoping I can do this weekend!

Join me next week for Monte Cristo sandwiches with my sister!  Pepper relish (hopefully).  And crazy kid drama, fo' sho'.


  1. What a great garden. Wish I could grow things. I really do not have a green thumb. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. I wish I had a garden like that! Here's to having a better week next week!



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