Wednesday, August 18, 2010

kids cooking - cinnamini buns!

Not to be confused with BK's i'm-going-to-kill-you ciniminis, which "weigh" in at 490 calories, 18 g of fat (7g sat. fat), 20mg cholesterol, and 39g sugar.  (per serving, which is 4 little mini buns!!) They also contain eggs.  Which won't work for my little allergy boy.  I don't know the exact nutritional info on the ones my girls made, but it works out to be about 2 g of fat 8 g compared to BK's 18g for 4.
This was a b-day present from my Mom and Dad
 This is one of the super simple yummy recipes my girls picked out.
These are my girls hard at work preparing breakfast!

As you can see from the first pic...the end result turned out pretty well!

Cinnamini Buns from Favorite Brand Name Recipes Simple 1-2-3 Kids
2 T. packed brown sugar
1/2 t. ground cinnamon
1 can (8 oz) refrigerated crescent roll dough (we used reduced fat)
1 T. melted butter (we used Smart Balance 50/50)

The recipe also called for 1/2 cup powdered sugar and 1 T. milk for a glaze to drizzle over them.
 However, I had just made some brown sugar cinnamon cream cheese - so we used that instead!
 I love flavored cream cheese on my (whole wheat) bagel (thins), but the only fat free cream cheese I can find around here are the plain and strawberry flavors.  Why I haven't thought of making my own before, i don't know...but, it's super simple.  I decided to mix brown sugar and cinnamon to fat free cream cheese (softened then whipped together).  I'm still playing with the ratios...this was 3 T. brown sugar to 1 t. cinnamon, but I'll probably add more cinnamon!  I think I'll use some Stevia next time too.  And maybe make some with blueberries!!  Yum...

So anyway, just planning on enjoying these last few days before we have to be back on a schedule, with mad rushing to get ready for school in the morning, rushing to get homework done, so we can rush to extracurriculurs.  Oh, summer - sweet summer time, where have you gone?  And wish me luck today, as it looks like I'll be cleaning up piss all day working on potty-training, since my little man refused decided he did not want to wear a diaper today.  He's in big boy pants...boxer briefs - they are so freakin' cute!  Until they are saturated in pee.  Yep, the life of a mom is glam-or-ous.  And only a mom can (or would) talk about cinnamon buns and piss in the same post!  sorry folks.  this is my life.


  1. The buns look great! You've done a winderful job making these.


  2. (Reed) ahhahaha...I'm assuming that comment is in reference to your aversion to little peoples bodily functions and not the girls cinnamon rolls!



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