Friday, September 17, 2010

Fab Finds

Every once in a while I come across an item that gets me all excited..... (not those kind of items, and not that kind of excited).  I'm talkin' about FOOD.  (what else?!)  When you live in a small town, it takes a while for the local stores to start carrying new items, so some of these may have been around a while, but I'm just discovering them.  and because I am the nice chick that I am (stop laughing) I wanted to share my fab finds with my friends. 

for example
I have been buying the plain Cape Cod Reduced Fat chips for a long time - but recently, I found these!  Barbeque! (and they had Salt &Vinegar - Number One's favorite).  I love kettle cooked chips and usually only buy reduced fat.  AND they have a short list of ingredients that I can actually pronounce.

A peanut-free trail mix!  And it is sooo good.  This came from Sam's Club.  My little man is allergic to tree nuts as well, so he can't have them, but I'm only allergic to peanuts.  It's hard to find a mix that doesn't include them.  and it has blueberries!
My sister introduced me to these.  Obviously, I have a thing for blueberry.  These are too good!  My kids liked them too....JUST KIDDING, do not call social services.  I do not share my alcohol.  With anyone.
And this isn't a new product, but a few months ago a friend mentioned that she put cinnamon in with her coffee grounds before brewing.  The next morning I tried it, and have been addicted since.  I'm not crazy about flavored coffee in the morning, but I love cinnamon and this is awesome!  Also, add a little Vanilla Stevia and you have a heavenly cuppa joe!  Take that Starbucks!  I hate paying 4-5 bucks for a cup of coffee.  Even if it is delicious.

So anyway, that's all I got.  Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday, and weekend.  My kids are heading west with the in-laws and are going to pick apples!  YAY!  I should have some apple recipes to share soon!  I'll be heading east to see the parentals.  My Dad reaches a huge milestone this weekend...Day 100 post bone marrow transplant!!!  The first 100 days are considered the most critical after transplants, so we are thankful to reach this and that he is doing (fairly) well. 

Anybody got any big plans for the weekend? or have any fabulous apple recipes for me to try?


  1. i have to work on saturday so i'm not going home. and then i'm going to see lady gaga sunday night in raleigh. mama and daddy stopped by my house on their way home from unc. anyway. i need to try the coffee thing. i keep forgetting. where do you get vanilla stevia?

  2. Sounds like you are going to have a great weekend. I will have to try those chips. They look really good. Hopefully we will be having a quite weekend here.

  3. I just tried those drinks this week- and am in love and trying to stop myself from buying them in bulk.

  4. I like the cinnamon in the coffee grounds idea! Thanks!

  5. I am totally going to start putting cinnamon in my coffee - great idea!

  6. Oh, this reminds me I used to add pumpkin pie spice to my coffee grounds! YUM! Now we get the k-cups and I can't do it, but I have punkin single cup coffee, so win win :p
    Thanks for stopping by the other day! It was such a great day for me :)



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