Monday, September 27, 2010

Makes My Monday

God is great, God is good....

I, of course, had my camera at the dinner table - taking food pics :D
I happened to snap this pic while the kids were getting ready to say the blessing.  Even though the picture quality is not the greatest, it is the sweetest picture to me!!  It makes me feel so happy and blessed for my children, and makes me feel like maybe I'm doing something right!

If you'd like to see more Makes My Monday posts...visit Twinfatuation!  I don't have twins, but I wanted to play too ;)


  1. What a great picture to capture! Love it!

  2. Omigosh, how glad I am you had a camera during the blessing! What a darling moment to capture.

    So glad you decided to play along with Makes My Monday...hope you'll play along often!
    (and thanks for visiting so many fellow players...)



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