Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Beware - Scary pic ahead

Yep, that's my immensely large belly holding the future Mr. Terrible Two.  Since I look like I'm about to bust, I would say it was taken around March 2008.

My sister took this pic in March 2009.  Mr. Terrible Two was just Mr. One then ;)

I'm linking these with Wordless Wednesday with 5 Minutes for Mom and A Beautiful Mess, Way Back When-esday with Twinfatuation, and Black & White Wednesday with The Long Road to China.  Yep, it's a linky day!

Head over to the other blogs and check out some awesome pictures and link up to share your own!


  1. For some reason I find pregnant bellies to be super scary! Thanks for the least that scary belly turned into a cute little something!

  2. So cute!!! I really like the second picture with Mr. Terrible Two.

  3. Ha! Looks like the hands were holding the baby in!

  4. happy ww, my belly is looking very much like this now and can't wait to have the after pic ;)

  5. I looked like that with both of mine for some time. It's so good you are documenting. Wish I had.



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