Friday, October 22, 2010

mo' pizza

I have several posts about pizza...but here's another!  We love pizza and I make it pretty frequently, especially now that I have two fabulous crust recipes!!  Pizza is so versatile that you can make it suit everybody's preferences without too much hassle.  Also, you can make pizza dough ahead of time and refrigerate or freeze it.  If I freeze it I like to go ahead and spread it out and pre-bake for a few minutes then it's ready to add toppings and go into the oven.  Of course, you have to be pretty organized to make stuff ahead and freeze it, which I am not.  But it's a nice thought....

The first one I wanted to share comes from allrecipes and can be found here.  The only change I made was I used half whole wheat flour.  Also, I mixed up the dough and left it to rise while I took the kids to swim practice, so it was more than an hour.  And let me tell ya, it was the best pizza dough!  It was crispy on the outside, but soft and fluffy on the inside.  My only complaint is that it was a little bland.  Next time I'll add some garlic powder and seasonings to the dough, but the consistency and texture where awesome. 

The other pizza dough I want to share comes from Eats Well With Others.  You should check out her post on this, b/c she did a great picture tutorial. This will be my go-to pizza dough until I get completely tired of pumpkin, or can't find it any more!!  Who would have thought about pumpkin pizza dough?  But it's SO good!  I had some yeast issues when making this, and not the girl-hiding-in-the-grey-hooded-sweatshirt type issues, but the yeast didn't proof or poof as I like to say.  However, I didn't have any more, so I made the pizza anyway.  It just didn't rise very much.  The flavor was still AWE-SOME.  How many times can I say awesome in a post?!  Is there an omg-that's-annoying number of times I can describe something as awesome?  You'll have to let me know.  I can take it.  Not really.  I don't do criticism.  You don't like, keep it to your self.  Just kidding.  Moving might actually want the recipe.  or at least some pics of my awesome pizza. 

Check out that color!

I guess you can tell which part is mine.  Peppers make it mo' betta!

I can't wait to make this again.  As a matter of fact, I went ahead and bought the large can of pumpkin instead of the small ones b/c I've been on a pumpkin kick.  It's b/c every food blog I read has some fab pumpkin recipe going on. 

Of course, when I have to deal with flour and dough...the entire kitchen tells the tale
It's all over me (that's my lovely apron)

It's on the floor

And don't even get me started on the countertops.  Somehow I missed taking that picture....

So go make some pizza this weekend!  Happy Friday!!!


  1. Your pizza looks fab! And that crust...mmmm! We are making some pizza this weekend and I cant wait! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I gotta love a cook that gets messy. It means you're throwing yourself into it! I have a heck of a time with making pizza crusts. They are always soggy for me, so I'm gonna try these!!! Thanks!

  3. I get that messy too! You should've seen me after making pizza for SAS this week. Ridiculous. However, I do always line the counter with wax paper so that I don't have to clean the counter. Just me and the floor! ;)

  4. I love pizza...especially thin crust homemade!

  5. I actually don't think there's ever a thing as too much pizza. It really can be seriously good for you if you make it at home!

    I love that you liked the pumpkin pizza dough! Makes me super happy. You topped it with some tasty stuff.

  6. Pumpkin pizza dough sounds fantastic!



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