Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What's in your lunch box?

I'm always posting about chocolate and bread and .....chocolate, but what does the Mo'Betta household eat on a daily basis?  Well, for me it would be chocolate - but I try to do better with my kiddos!  I thought I would do a post on what I pack in their lunch boxes.  My kids, as you have probably gathered if you've read even a few posts, are super picky eaters.  Therefore, more often than not, they do not like what is on the school lunch menu.  Actually, my 2nd grader has never bought lunch at school.  She refuses.  So, everyday I pack her lunch, and snack, and most of the time pack Number One's lunch too. 
I try to feed my kids semi-healthy foods, and have greatly reduced the amount of pre-packaged, convenience type foods over the past year or so.  (they use to live off of Uncrustables and Lunchables)With Number Two's BMI on the upper end of where it should be, a diabetic husband, and Mr. T. Two's food allergies - not to mention myself - still carrying around baby weight (and the baby is 2!) it was important to make some life style changes.  I started preparing A LOT more food "from scratch", increasing our vegetable intake, and increasing our daily exercise.  This has been an ongoing process for at least a year, and something instituted for the entire family. 

So, again, what do the kids eat?  Here are a few examples -
Turkey (without nitrates/nitrites!) and reduced fat colby-jack cheese on whole wheat bread - you can't really see the pumpkin face imprint on the bread, but mommy was trying to get cutesy; Cape Cod reduced fat chips; orange slices; 100 calorie Yo Crunch yogurt for snack

whole wheat bagel thin with thin layer of dark chocolate almond butter spread; goldfish, watermelon, and I'm not sure what is in the drink bottle - either decaf tea with stevia or water. I usually give them those little 'packets' to turn their water into lemonade, etc.  Sugar-free.  Snack is not pictured...but I think it was a Kashi Go-lean bar (they're good!)

Ham and cheese (again, ham without nitrates) and plain old american sliced cheese - my 7 year old is the only one who will eat american cheese!  Baked Cheetos; apple spice cookies and an apple.

PB&J! I use a natural peanut butter (Skippy I think) without hydrogenated vegetable oil and lower sugar grape jelly.  (b/c they will only eat GRAPE!)  Reduced fat Cape Cod Salt & Vinegar chips (again, their favorite), orange slices, and a yo kids yogurt, with water and Caprisun Water (this still has sugar in it, but not nearly as much as regular CapriSuns) 

 whole wheat tortilla with dark chocolate almond butter, honey nut chex cereal and apple w/decaf tea sweetened w/Stevia

Honey Nut Chex cereal (b/c I just couldn't think of anything!)  100-calorie yogurt, apples, w/milk.
I use the Easy Lunch Box system that I won in a giveaway, back when I really first started blogging.  I was so excited to get them, and use them everyday!  I love not having to use plastic bags everyday.  I'm really trying to be more "green".

So anyway, those are a few examples of what the kids take to school.  Of course they could be better/healthier, but it's better than what they used to eat, and better than what a lot of their friends bring! Some of the things the girls tell me their friends eat on a daily basis amazes me.  Like the kid who brings doughnuts...everyday!  I just want to shake some of these parents!  Hello - saturated fat, trans fat, heart attacks, stroke?!  Come on.  Of course, I also read blogs where the moms pack fruit and veggie bentos, and I feel like a slacker...but I've got to keep it real.  I know if I pack my kids stuff they don't like, they won't eat it.  How many times did I trade stuff at lunch when I was a kid?  A lot - I remember I used to trade something almost everyday with another girl for her strawberry pop tart!  Her mom packed her one everyday, and my mom rarely bought them.  Especially not the frosted ones!  But anyway...if anyone has any lunch suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them.  Packing the same stuff gets old!


  1. Looks familiar! I was just visiting my sister this weekend (she just had her 2nd 3 months ago, the older one is 4.5) and the eats there are pretty similar. It's tough to juggle healthy stuff with picky eaters!

  2. I"m really diggin the lunch box system...for ME! Little Duck doesn't need it quite yet. :o)

  3. These are great ideas, we have the same little sandwich cutter, kinda heart shaped, I cant make a sandwich without using it anymore!

  4. My mom always packed our lunches when were little, I never took my lunch in all 13 yrs!

  5. You are definitely filling your kids up with good healthy ingredients! i totally approve.



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