Sunday, November 7, 2010


I'm on the verge of tossing my lap top out the back door.  I hate/loathe/despise not being able to figure something out.  Yes, I'm a little Type A in some areas.  As you can see, I've changed my blog.  And I mean CHANGED it entirely.  And I don't like itAnd now I'm not sure how to change it I've decided to leave it for the month of November....unless y'all tell me you hate it and are not going to read my dribble anymore unless I change it back.  Did I say dribble?! Ha, I meant my fabulously witty and entertaining posts regarding food, nutrition or lack there of, wonderful drivin' me bonkers kids and my crazy ass life in general.  And of course chocolate.  There's always that. 

Anyway, I can't get my picture right in my header.  I've played with and cursed at it and can't get it centered.  Anyone know how to fix this?  It's really driving me nuts.  Don't be surprised if my blog has changed again when you come back.  You will come back right?!  Right? Please? 

Have I cooked this weekend?  Not. at. all.  (I'm a loser baaby...)  I fed my kids Wendy's and hot chocolate and sent them to my in-laws.  So I've got to get busy today, cleaning, cooking, maybe some meal planning.  but i'll probably spend my time gettin' my crazy on trying to figure out this stupid computer.  I may have 2 college degrees, but they really amount to BS (haha, get it...B.S. lame) when it comes to this stuff.  Anyway, have I ranted enough? 

I really wanted to show you this.
remember this guy? the poor fella my husband said was the ugliest pumpkin at the pumpkin farm?

Well, check him out now...
Does he not make an adorable Tom Turkey?

Yep, I'm getting into the holiday spirit!!  There's a chill in the air, and all kinds of goodies out in the grocery stores.  A baker's paradise.  Like this....
 GINGER :D  (I've been looking for this, so this made me happy!)
and this!  Huge 24 oz. bags of chocolate chips, not those puny 12 oz bags! 
(Also makes me happy)

Anyone else have happy food?  What do you think of the blog's new look?  Suggestions???


  1. I have the same problem with my header. I looked online how to fix it, but it's all about playing with the HTML code....which my college degree amounts to BS in that department too!

  2. lol Have you seen my header lately!!! I'm with you. today I am working here at the main computer and I am thnking, should I fix my blog up.. nahhhh.
    great photos. I am getting into the holiday mood too. xm radio has christmas music on already.
    have a great sunday

  3. I think your blog looks great! So fall-like and festive! As far as the header issue, I'm not sure how to fix it. You probably need to adjust the width a few pixels, but I'm not sure of the numbers. I did the HTML on my site and my mom's and bumbled through it, Googling away, each time. Why can't I just be an expert without having to look everything up?!

    I love that turkey. So adorable! I need something crafty like that on my porch!

  4. I love the new look of your blog. I had the same trouble when I changed mine.
    Here is a link that helped me do mine.
    Hope this helps.

  5. mine wasn't centered in my old format, but for some reason when i changed the picture this was in the middle? hmmm. i'm going to leave mine up for the month of november and then i'll probably change it too. i feel like it is a little too busy. see you later probably!

  6. Oh I think the changes are great and perfect for fall!

  7. I love the blog changes...very festive! Turkey Tom is AWESOME! I love him!!!

  8. Girl, I would try to help you out but it would be like the blind leadin' the blind because I am a bit challenged in this area myself. I'm always messin' something up on here and then stressing myself out until I figure out how to fix it!
    Love that turkey pumpkin. Very creative!

  9. i like the new look! And that turkey pumpkin is CUTE!



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