Friday, January 28, 2011

Adventures of mommyhood

I've read on several blogs that people are sick, sick, sick.  And it has made it's way to the Mo'Betta household. Both my daughters were out of school Monday, my middle daughter also missed Tues. and Wed.  They have had the sore throat, headache, stomache, cough.  Spent 70 bucks to have them strep tested, just to be told it was a virus.  Anyway....then yesterday, I get Mr. Terrible Two up from his nap to go pick the girls up from school, and he is burning up.  I thought, great. (inject bitchy, sarcastic tone)  I figure he has the same thing the girls had. 

***Disclaimer: if you have a weak stomach, you may want to stop reading now!***

ok, don't say I didn't warn you....
We get to school, sitting in the car line, where he proceeds to vomit.  In the car.  Since I was only planning on running to school and back, I am vastly unprepared for vomit.  So, I do what no one in their right mind any mom would do...I catch the vomit in my hand while grabbing the travel blanket I had in the car.  Don't tell me I can't multi-task.  So, I save the car, the carseat, his clothes and catch everything in the travel blanket (and of course, my hand).  He pretty much emties his stomach-or so I think, how much can this little tummy hold?!  (it will be a while before we eat apples and Goldfish again) so I'm thinking it's safe to ball up the travel blanket.  By now, the car is smellin' pretty rank, and I'm still waiting to pick up my girls, plus another little girl.  I had some plastic bags (that I haven't remembered to recycle) so I wrapped everything up and opened a window a crack. everything is under control right? 

Mr Two is feeling pretty bad, he has a fever, and he has complained a couple of time of his neck hurting.  This is where being a nurse sucks.  Because all I can think of is stiff neck+cold/flu symptoms=meningitis=death.  Because I'm dramatic like that.  So after I clean up puke, I'm on the phone with the pediatrician's office.  An hour away.  Of course they want me to bring him right in.  I get girl Number One and go off to the next school to pick up girl Two and friend.  And of course, Mr. Two decides to puke again.  My daughter is trying to hold a plastic bag under his chin, without getting puke on her hands and I'm DRIVING at this point.  Fun times, let me tell ya.  So this time, Mr. Two is covered in vomit, it's on his car seat and I'm supposed to leave straight from school to get to the dr's office. 

Obviously we had to run home, yank off dirty clothes, wipe vomit off the seat as best as we could, and haul a*s to the doctor.  Not to mention, I'm in sweats, no make up, hair is a wreck and now have puke on me.  I take all FOUR kids now, with me to the doctor.  By this time, Mr. Two is pale, lethargic, and I'm having an internal cow - cause I don't want to scare my girls. 

So long story....long....we get to the doctor, they check him out, check for flu, and say he's okay.  It's a virus.  The logical part of me knew this, but the crazy part of me was flippin'.  But, in the end, he's okay (just sick).  I met my friend to pick up her kid at 6:30 or so.  I had to tell her, sorry...your child has not had dinner, she missed her dance class, and she hasn't done any homework. 

Ugh! What a day!!  I need a cupcake.

and since I want more people to "like" me, I'm doing some Facebook hops/links today!  After yesterday, I need to feel some love!

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  1. Uggg know how you feel. I have had my rugrats get sick in the van multiple times. Never fun. Sorry everyone is sick. Hope they feel better soon.

  2. Oh my, you poor thing! That's gross! I hope they feel better soon. It seems like it's going around here too. Everyone I know is sick and I'm hoping to stay away!

  3. LoL isn't being a Mom the greatest thing EVER??!!

  4. My mom was a nurse and I remember her doing gross things like this!



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