Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter awesomeness

There are so many Easter-y (pretty sure, not a word) things floating around the web.  I have several things bookmarked, and considering Easter is Sunday, I'm pretty sure most of them will not be getting done.  So, I thought I'd share a few, maybe you'll get a chance to try one or two...
There is a tutorial on how to make these incredibly awesome eggs. 
They are dyed using old silk ties!!  Too cool.

Cupcake Bunny Cake
This cake is made of cupcakes, with marshmallows to make the bunny.
I think it's so cute!!  This would have been really good for my son's preschool Easter party if I had not made the Peep cupcakes.

Hidden Surprise Easter Egg Treats™
These are hollow, egg-shaped Rice Krispie treats that you fill with little candies/treats.
My kids would love this, but we didn't get around to making them.  Yet.

I actually did make these today! They aren't as pretty as Pioneer Woman's, but lets face it...I'm no Pioneer Woman.  She rocks.  These buns are a tradition for my parents.  When we lived in Winston-Salem, NC my parents would get Hot Cross Buns every Easter from Dewey's Bakery.  If you live in the area, I'm sure you know the place!  However, it's been many years since they moved further East, and they haven't been able to find them every year.  So this year...I got to baking!  I'll admit they are kind of a lot of work, but hopefully they will enjoy them!

I think my kids would also love having these on Easter morning!  They are so fun and colorful.  I'm getting quite addicted to sprinkles.  And it's awesome to have kids to blame it on.....hehe.

Happy Easter everyone!  Enjoy your time with family.  I plan on reading a few children's books I have about Easter with the kids tonight, to make sure they remember it's not all about colorful candy and Easter baskets!


  1. These all look amazing! I so need to find some people to give these things to. I want to make so many cute things for Easter, but would end up eating it all by myself. :P

    Simply Kate

  2. I am doing absolutely nothing for easter this year due to the fact that I'll be studying...but I am so bookmarking these for next year! Have a great weekend!

  3. Great ideas! I need to make something fun tomorrow. I love the colored breakfast rolls. I'm on a sweet roll kick and I know my kids would love them. :)

  4. I love the ideas for the hollow, egg-shaped Rice Krispie treats!!!



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