Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Cupcakes for my Peeps (egg free)

I know there are lots of Easter treats floating around blog land, and of course, I had to share mine too!  These are super easy, and I thought they turned out really cute.  I made them for my son's preschool class, and they thought the cupcakes were awesome (but really, how hard is it to impress 2 & 3 y/o's?).  Except for one little boy, who said "take this chicken off my cake! I don't like chicken!"  Not everyone is a peep fan apparently.  I have to confess, I don't actually like Peeps either.  They are cute and all, and definitely make me think of Easter, but I don't actually want to eat them.  I must say, however, that now that they have come out with a chocolate covered may be a different story.  I'll let you know.
Now, all you need are Peeps...whatever color you like, and some edible Easter grass! I bought mine from Target.  (You can also use coconut, dyed green, but a lot of kids don't like coconut)  The edible grass comes in different colors too.  I decided on a traditional green grass and yellow chick.  The grass tasted like flavored styrofoam.  In case you're wondering.  And you need some cupcakes...
I used an egg free recipe that was very similar to Mr. Man's 3 y/o birthday cake, but I decided on yellow cake (b/c I knew chocolate would be all over the kids' faces!)  Just like the b-day cake, it turned out very well!  You never miss the eggs.
If you want the vegan cupcake recipe, go HERE.

Egg Free Cupcakes adapted from Vegan Cupcakes at

1 tablespoon white vinegar

1 1/2 cups skim milk

2 cups all-purpose flour

1 cup white sugar

2 teaspoons baking powder

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup canola oil

1 1/4 teaspoons vanilla extract

few drops of yellow food coloring (optional) *If you really want the yellow hue you get from butter/eggs etc, you can add some food coloring.  I added a couple of drops, but I really don't think the kids care!


1.Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease a 12 cup and a 6 cup muffin pan or line with baking liners.

2.Add the vinegar to the milk. Let stand until curdled, about 5 minutes. In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt. In a separate bowl, whisk together the milk mixture, oil and vanilla. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and stir just until blended. Spoon the batter into the prepared cups, dividing evenly. (I filled mine abt 3/4ths full)

3.Bake in the preheated oven until the tops spring back when lightly pressed, 15 to 20 minutes. Cool in the pan set over a wire rack. 

After the cupcakes cool, frost with whatever frosting you want to use.  I used canned vanilla frosting, b/c I had lots leftover from Number One's baking b-day party.

Slap some frosting on your cupcakes (it doesn't matter what it looks like b/c it will be covered up), add your edible Easter grass (I just made little "nests", but you can arrange the grass however you like), then stick a Peep on top.  You can use extra frosting to "glue" them on.  Then, I added a few jelly beans, b/c the chicks looked sad sitting on top of the cupcakes all by their lonesome.  FYI, preschoolers love jellybeans!  And there you have it.  Cute AND easy Easter cupcakes that kids will love.

I'll be linking up these cupcakes at several places this week (b/c I think they are adorable) - you can see all the linkys HERE.  Go visit them for great recipes and craft ideas!  Easter is right around the corner peeps :D

I'm also entering this in the Iron Chef's Challenge over at a Latte' with Ott, A! This month's challenge is baking powder! An ingredient I couldn't live without!

Also linking up at SusieQTpies Cafe


  1. Very cute! Would love for you to share on our blog: Create & Share.

  2. There are darling! Please share your recipe with our readers by linking up at Muffin Monday. Thanks!

  3. Very Cute!! I cracked at the "Take this chicken off my plate!" statement. lol

  4. I'm following you from Mommy D's blog hop. :) Feel free to follow back.


  5. Those are so cute! Thanks for the smile about the little guy who doesn't like chicken. Kids say the best things :)

  6. I've been looking for a fun easter treat to make with my kids. These are adorable!

  7. So so cute! I didn't know they made edible easter these thanks for sharing!

  8. Aww these are super cute! Definitely kid friendly...well...most kids. :P

  9. They look adorable! I'd like to try the chocolate covered peeps too:)

  10. How cute are those cupcakes! I will have to try that soon!

    I'm new to your blog! I found you through FTLOB and I can't wait to read more! Feel free to check out my blog!

    Simply Kate

  11. Hey there's baking powder in these cupcakes. You should link them up to my Iron Chef Challenge Hope you can join in the fun!!!

  12. Those are so cute!! The edible grass is such a wonderful touch!

    Visiting from FTLOB. Love this recipe.

  13. These are adorable! Really really cute! I'm with you though, I don't want to eat the Peeps either. Ewww!

    I'll let you try the chocolate covered ones. Let me know how that works out for you.

  14. I saw edible Easter egg grass in Michael's and was really weirded out. Does it taste normal?

  15. Your cute cupcakes make me smile with delight. I have a sweet treat linky party on my blog every weekend and I'd like to invite you to stop by then and link your cupcakes up.

  16. Love them! I looked everywhere for the edible grass and didn't find it.
    Thanks for joining us on Cupcake Tuesday!

  17. I just finished a peep cupcake blog myself and I'm also a fan of the peep cuteness but not so much the taste. I saw that candy grass the other day and I almost got it in hopes it tasted like taffy, thanks for the heads up.


  18. Those are those most adorable cupcakes. Great pictures.

  19. Very easter-y. Those cupcakes make me hungry. Thank you so much for sharing this with us at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)

  20. so cute! i was just going to head out for some edible gras when i read that it tastes like styrofoam. :( i'm making cupcakes w/peeps this weekend too, maybe i'll just dye my frosting green for the "grass"?
    oh and peeps taste best when you leave them out for a while and let them get hard. trust me, it's divine.

  21. Kim, thanks so much for putting the hearth and soul hop blog badge on your
    blog carnival page. We really appreciate it! The point of linking to a
    blog hop is to get a link back to your blog every single time you put your
    recipe up and the reverse is also true. We know it saves time to just do a
    linky page, but the point of linking back is to build a two way link that
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  22. Hi Kim,
    They are so precious! Your special Easter Cupcakes with your little peeps are the best! I really don't think I could eat them I just want to look at them. They bring me joy! Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and hope to see you next week. Have a wonderful week end!

  23. OMG! Thank you for sharing this on Lucas's Journey w/SPD! These are absolutely ADORABLE! You are SOOO talented!!!

    You're definately in the running to be featured this weekend on the hop!!!!

    Debbie @ Lucas's Journey w/SPD

  24. Those are adorable! I'm with ya on the Peeps, they don't taste that great but they sure make a great presentation on those cupcakes!!

  25. yay for cupcakes!!! :)

    I'm a new follower! hope that you'll follow back! :)

  26. Yum yum!!! Just saw you on the It's a Keeper Thur. Hop! Stop on over at my blog and link up this tasty recipe in my Easter/Spring Recipe/Idea Hop! If you have others, feel free to link up! I'll keep it going for a few months so you should get some visits from it!!!

    PS...I'm your newest GFC blog follower and FB Follwer! I love finding new friends. The edible easter grass is AWESOME!

    Have a great weekend, SusieQTpies at Scraps of Life

  27. I am loving these!! Too cute!! I do not use eggs in baking anymore - I use flax "eggs" and they work just as well and add quite a bit of nutrition. Thanks for linking up to Foodie Friday!

    If you haven’t already, make sure to pop back over to enter my giveaway!!! Entries must be by Sunday evening and a winner will be picked Monday!!

  28. Hi Mo!! HAPPY EASTER!!!

    You are featured on our Super Mega 7 Weekend Blog hop along with winning a top ad spot with winner of last weeks hop! I love that you shared this with so many! Awesome job!

    Hope you can join the fun this weekend and link up with us :)

    Debbie Kinkade
    Lucas's Journey w/SPD

  29. These are absolutely adorable! No worries that the grass tasted like styrofoam. In my experience, three year-olds could care less as long as what they're eating is fun.

    Thanks for sharing at the Hearth and Soul Hop!

  30. Hi! Just someone browsing through the internet for a yellow cake/cupcakes that's egg free.

    I made these and they were very good! I didn't decorate them with the Easter theme just frosted them with a chocolate frosting. I love that it is so easy to bake and fast too!

    Thanks for posting this recipe! Btw, adorable cupcakes!



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