Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Belated Blog-o-versary

Wow. I just realized that (1.) I've been blogging for an entire year! and (2.) I totally missed the "anniversary".  I originally started a blog as an online journal of sorts...a way to vent about my Dad's cancer.  It was very negative and random.  Then I posted a few recipes....and Mo'Betta was born :)  I deleted all the previous rants posts, except for a recipe or two, and decided my blog would be my happy place! It took on a purpose and I made bloggy friends and I got sucked into the wonderful world of blogging! 

After reading my first post with it's renewed purpose, I see I have deviated somewhat from my inital goals (Can we say Cookie Dough Brownies?!), but I have grown in others...I cook from scratch a lot more.  My kids are eating vegetables...uhm, well, a little, and my pictures are a lot better!

However, I have enjoyed meeting new people, learning new things, and sharing my craziness with everyone who stops by.  I appreciate it.  And hey, I've made like three cents with AdSense this year.  Awesome.  (Click on those random ads people! lol)

P.S.  I really hate "LOL", but sometimes it's just useful.  I guess you could write 'haha, I'm laughing out loud' - but then everyone would just wonder why you didn't just put L-O-freakin' L.  See random side notes like this that mean absolutely nothing are what keeps you coming back right?! LOL, hehe, haha


  1. Happy Blog-o-versary! Try not to spend your 3 cents all in one place! Ha ha HA! =)

  2. Aw, Happy Birthday to a lovely blog. Its always nice to dip into! xxx

  3. Happy blogiversary gorgeous! I'm so happy we've MET through this!

  4. Happy Blog-o-versary!!! You've gotten quite the following in a relatively short amount of time :-).

  5. Congratulations, my blog-o-versary is coming up this Summer too!

    Thanks for linking up at Bacon Time, can't wait to see what you share this week. Hope to see you this Friday or Weekend too.

    Just liked you on fb too!

  6. happy blog anniversary! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
    ha ha - sorry, just messin' with ya.



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