Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More from the Bridal Luncheon

Weekend before last was all about new beginnings. I attended a beautiful wedding of a young couple, watching them join their lives together.  This weekend was about endings.  My 88 year old grandfather passed away late Thursday night, and we layed him to rest yesterday.  It's always hard to be reminded that with life, comes death.

However, I do not want this to be a sad post, I want to share more from the luncheon I posted about last week, when I shared the Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookies!  We all know food makes me happy.  I did not take many pictures of the food (I know! Crazy!) but luckily, there were a couple of other bloggers in attendance :)  As I've already posted, we had little mason jars filled with the cookies as favors.  For appetizers, we had pimiento cheese tartlets, 
Zoomed photo of recipe (via) Picture these with pimiento cheese! 
pimiento cheese with crackers,
Bobby’s Pimento Cheese Sandwich Paula Deen's photo, and very good recipe!
and 'pickle rolos' (my sister's name for them)....these have been around forever and were a last minute addition to the apps, and I have to say they were a huge hit! They have different names all around the web, and some people wrap them in different kinds of meat, but essentially it's some form of meat (we use dried beef), layered with cream cheese and wrapped around a pickle, then cut into bite size pieces.  We do love our pickles.
Beverages - lemonade, sweet tea, and peach mimosas - yum!

 And the main event - my mom's chicken salad (it's her own special recipe that I've been unable to duplicate), pasta salad with fresh veggies from our gardens, watermelon and feta salad (with the addition of fresh basil and balsamic vinaigrette instead of plain balsamic vinegar), BLT's on mini croissants with basil mayonnaise.  It was all delicious!
My beautiful sister holding our Strawberry-Cream Puff Kabobs.
We added mint to our kabobs and had chocolate sauce for drizzling.
And last, but not least....a classic
Served with a dollop of whipped cream and fresh blueberries!  Of course, I dumped some chocolate sauce on mine ;)

It was a lot of fun and putting this post together has made me seriously hungry!!


  1. I really want to try the pickle rolos! It looks like a wonderful luncheon.

  2. Everything was delish!!! I found my extra bacon cookie when I finally unpacked. It was a well-deserved treat after unpacking my umpteen pairs of shoes for a 3-day trip.

  3. All this food is making me hungry! The pickle thingys looks interesting. I've never had anything like that before. Looks like you all had a lovely bridal luncheon!



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