Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My 10 year old wants a cell phone!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TracFone for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

It seems that everywhere you look nowadays, kids are talking or texting away on cell phones.  Of course, my 8 & 10 year old want to be in that group.  Especially my 10 year old.  "All my friends have one", she says.  She happens to be right!  Every kid I see at Girl Scouts, the pool, etc, have phones!  So, I've been giving it some serious thought.  Does she need one?  Is she old enough to handle the responsibility?  I had heard about TracFone, with no contracts, activation or cancellation fees, or credit checks.  I really like the idea of no contracts or extra fees.  As a matter of fact, TracFone offers the most affordable way to use and own a cell phone in America.  Check out these real TracFone customers discussing their experiences and you'll see it's true - no surprise bills - which definitely offers a parent piece of mind when handing over a cell phone. 

Of course, not only do I want a cell phone to be affordable, it needs to be reliable.  I want to feel confident that if my child were to need to use the phone in an emergency, that it would have a good coverage area and reception.  This YouTube video shows real TracFone customers discussing the reliability of their phones.  TracFone actually has great nationwide coverage as well as brand name phones from leading manufacturers like Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and others.  You also have the options of simple "Candy Bar" phones to Bluetooth enabled "Smart" phones.  This makes me feel good about the reliability and quality we would receive with a TracFone.  (you can see more real TracFone customers discussing the great coverage!)

So, what kind of plans do they offer? Well, pretty much anything you need.  You can pay as you go online or with cards available from thousands of retailers across the country, get one year service cards - which is a great deal offering double minutes for the life of your phone, and 800 minutes for only $119.00! It's seriously making me reconsider my current cell phone plan.  They have other plans ranging from $9.99 to $30.00 based on your needs.  There are also international calling plans, so there is something to fit everyone's needs.

In addition, the phones are not expensive! If you are just looking for a basic phone for calling and texting, you can get one for under $10!!  This is great, considering how often my children lose things!  However, if you are interested in a phone (maybe for yourself!) that has all the bells and whistles (app capabilities, camera/video, web access, etc.) you can get those for $29.99.  Check out this YouTube video discussing all of the TracFone LG420 Phone features!

In my opinion, TracFone seems like a great option to consider when I finally decide whether or not it's time for my daughter to get a cell phone.  What about y'all?  Do your kids have phones?  What age do you think is appropriate?

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  1. great idea. We got our youngest (12 yr) a phone for christmas this year ~ after she had an early dismissel while her dad and I were having lunch and the poor kid couldn't get in touch with us.

    We put her on our plan.. and thankfully she's not one of those kids that carries the phone to the dinner table ~ as my 20yr does. lol

    Have a fantastic day.

  2. I think Hannah was 12 when we got her phone - mainly because there really aren't any payphones around anymore and I liked being able to stay in touch with her.

    Even today we text each other a few times throughout the day - I love it! We are going to go to Good Will tonight - hope I find some bargains! :D

  3. I live in USA but most of my relatives lives in other countries so i wanted to know how to make cheap international calls from USA to reduce my call rates.



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