Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Need a new recipe?

I tell ya, I still have zucchini and cucumbers coming out of my ears! I'm determined not to waste any of it, so I have been scouring the internet looking for new recipe ideas.  It's so fun finding new ways to prepare things.  What?!  That's not your idea of a good time?!  I love finding new recipe sites that have a multitude of recipes, but some also have great tips (like how to seed a watermelon, and what to look for to pick the ripest melon.  With all the melons I have growing, I'm going to need these little nuggets of wisdom!)  Speaking of watermelons....we have some whoppers growing in the garden!  I think I should be able to pick them any time now!!  The kids can't wait.  We have several watermelons and even more cantaloupe!  I'll definitely be searching for new ways to use these, as several are going to be ready at the same time.  You can only eat so much of one thing before you start to look for alternatives.  Zucchini for example.  How many zucchini recipes have I posted so far?! And more to come....

But anyway, recipe web sites (as well as other blogs, of course!) are great resources.  Have you been getting veggies from your local farmers market?  CSA?  Or maybe you are like me and growing lots of things that you need more ideas of what to do with.  Whatever the case, on-line recipe sites can be an invaluable resource.

I also like that I can get help with meal planning, and find recipes for my family's special dietary needs. With a child that is allergic to eggs and nuts, and a husband that is diabetic, I am constantly looking for new ideas for dinner and for baking.  Baking without eggs can be very...um, experimental.  It's nice to find tried-and-true recipes that you know are not going to result in a big waste of time and ingredients!

A good recipe site will have recipes broken down into easy to find categories, so if you don't want to spend hours looking for a specific thing, you don't have to.  I, of course, love looking through recipes.  I'd rather do that than read a book or magazine! You just never know what you will find that will get you excited to jump into the kitchen.  (It's usually something chocolate that has that effect on me!)

So, the real question is...what's for dinner?!


  1. What sites do you find good egg & nut free recipes? My son has these allergies and I am lost at what to give him except fresh fruit and veg!

  2. Michelle, I don't have a way to get back with you...there is no email associated with your profile. If you see this, send me an email address and I'll send you a list of links!

  3. I love looking through recipes too. I find it very relaxing.




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