Monday, September 5, 2011

Mo'Betta gets crafty for back-to-school

I looked everywhere for a cute backpack for Mr. Three.  He will be going to "preschool" for 3 hours 3 days a week.  So, of course, he needs to be stylin' ;)  I wanted something small, but I couldn't find any character bags I liked.  I didn't check out all the resources on line...I'm sure I could have found something really expensive cute.  However, I stumbled upon this small plain black bag at Wal-Mart the other day -
It was less than 5 bucks! 
Then I began thinking about how I could decorate and personalize Mr. Three's little bag...
I picked up this iron on adhesive (also at Wally World) and I already had some "little boy" fabric.
I decided I would 'monogram' his bag.  
Just a note of caution - make sure all of your adhesive is covered by fabric before ironing.  I made the mistake of cutting out my letter first, then adding the adhesive...and ended up with a sticky mess on my ironing board cover.  Lesson learned!
After ironing on my letter D, it was still pretty plain, so I cut out a firetruck from the same fabric.
and of course, I couldn't stop there, I was on a roll, so I made little strap covers too!
Overall, I thought it turned out pretty cute for my first attempt.  
Now my oldest daughter has picked out fabric so I can "dress up" her book bag too! (Peace signs of course!) And Mr. Three....well, he said he liked it, but refused to wear it on his shoulders for more than 2 milliseconds.
This was his first day of school. 
Don't you love that cheesy fake smile?!
My baby boy is growing up :*(

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  1. Very cute! He looks super pumped for his first day of school.

  2. This wonderful post totally rocked the blog party's success! Thanks for linking up at Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)



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