Thursday, September 15, 2011

Up all night

I was up all. night. long. Why was I up all night long you didn't ask?  COUGHING.  If I don't get a good nights sleep soon, I'm going to hurt someone.  Or (more likely) consume large amounts of cookie dough.  I've tried cough medicines, honey, lemon, you name it.  I even tried chewing on pepper corns.  Yes, it was some stupid thing I read online and figured it couldn't hurt.  Besides, I have no whiskey in the house.  Which needs to be remedied ASAP.  I just feel like bringing my 3 y/o along to the liquor store warrants, I don't know, a call to child protective services or something.  Nothing screams "BAD MOMMY" like hauling your young'uns with you to buy a 5th.  Of course, it would be for medicinal purposes.

Speaking of home remedies... I thought I'd share some of what I have found.  The most popular (and probably my favorite) is the whiskey/honey/lemon combo.  As I said, I don't have any whiskey, and the plain honey/lemon didn't do a thang.  Tasted good though.  Another popular one is Vick's Vapor Rub on the feet.  Yes, feet.  Don't ask me how or why this is supposed to work, and I have actually had good luck with this with the kids.  But not for me. I also saw a few suggestions of using onion or garlic...boiling with water and adding honey and sometimes lemon.  Uhhh, no thanks.  I'm not boiling onion or garlic at 1 in the morning, and I'm not drinking it either.

But here is one that really has me pondering....a warm water enema.  For coughing.  Huh?  I'm not coughing out of my ass, and if I was, well, my issues are far greater that what anyone reading could help me with.  So please, if anyone can enlighten me as to how an enema will help my coughing, feel free to share.  So anyway, obviously home remedies are not doing me much good right  now.  Anyone have any tried and true cough remedies?  I'm definitely open for suggestions.  As long as it doesn't involve my colon.

The pepper corns, by the way, do nothing.  Shocker.  Speaking of 'shocker'...did anyone else watch the Big Brother Finale?  (It wasn't all that shocking.)  I guess I won't say anything in case you have it on DVR with plans to watch it later.  Survivor started last night as well.  Yep, I'm a sucker for reality TV.

Let's see how I manage to get through the day on pretty much NO sleep.  Getting ready for my second cup of coffee....


  1. You probably have broncitis Kim, and nothing helps that but antibiotics - my daughter just went yesterday and they gave her an inhaler and a $10 Z-pack she'll take for five days.

    No home remedy will take that away :(


  2. Biz is right. You probably should see a doctor and get that taken care of with some meds. Feel better soon, girl!

  3. Hope you feel better soon. One thing that helps me with coughing is Ricola Natural Herb cough drops. I can't stand most cough drops, but these are not bad and have nothing to do with your ass :-)

  4. At our house, we use dark chocolate. The higher the cocoa content the better! It works just fine for me, although it doesn't work for very long periods of time. Oh excuse to eat chocolate!

  5. I concur about going to the doctor. And I also concur...if you need an enema for coughing, you've got bigger problems. One thing that's helped me with a sore throat is Throat Coat Tea. It tastes like black licorice which isn't great, but it does coat the throat, which helps. Hope you're feeling better soon!

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