Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday-What every cook needs...

I found a whole stash of these in a notebook while cleaning out my grandfather's house.

But my favorite is definitely this one....
You can never have too many recipes for CheezWhiz ;)
Do they still even make this stuff?


  1. Eeewwww! CheezWhiz, blech! I do adore old recipes though.

  2. I love old recipe books like that. My grandma had a lot of them that she saved over the years. They were all handed down to me. Some of the best comfort food recipes! (nothing healthy about them!)

  3. Yep, Cheez Whiz is alive and well - I actually just saw it at the store over the weekend.

    Cook finds - I love old cookbooks!

  4. I love old cookbooks....and Cheez Whiz, it's a match made in heaven.



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