Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Fun Finds

Holy Moly, have you seen these?!  I first heard about them on Biz's blog, and as soon as I saw them (at Wal-Mart) I grabbed them up.  We're on our second bag :/  I don't even like marshmallows unless they are in a s'more or otherwise covered in chocolate, but these things are so good!  I can eat them by the handful.  Of course, I had to make something with them....I'll get those posted next week!

Have you seen this around the blog world?!  O.M.Geeee - this stuff is amazingly delicious.  As in, we are on our THIRD jar in just a couple of weeks.  I also have a recipe coming up with this.  The only problem is the only place I have found it is at Whole Foods, an hour away!  I wish I had bought more!  It tastes just like Biscoff cookies, which are easier to find, but it's a creamy spread that can be used on just about anything.  It's great for us, because it contains NO PEANUTS or TREE NUTS!  It doesn't taste like a nut-butter, but like cookies.  Yeah, it's good :D

I mentioned this in my Pumpkin Spice Cake post.  It went really well with this-

It's also fabulous in coffee, cafe mocha, pumpkin spice lattes...yeah, I'm a fan.  (and yes, I know Cool Whip is not the healthiest stuff, but I haven't attempted to make it from scratch - yet!)  And I have to give props to my local Wal-Mart - they had it fully stocked when I went back in search of another container.  I was shocked, but pleased.  After saying they wouldn't have it, I thought I should give credit where credit is due ;)

image source
Yeah, you know that beotch, Little Debbie.  I ignore her all year.  All. Year.  No Fudge Rounds, or Swiss Cake Rolls.  Then she comes out with these.  The first time I saw them back in the store, I walked right on by.  Ok, I stopped, stared, drooled a little...then walked away.  I am strong!  The second time I saw them....somehow the crazy box jumped into my cart and I accidentally bought them.  *sigh*  But they are tasty!  (Couldn't let them go to waste you know!)

So, those are my junk food fun finds for this week.  Y'all tried anything new and fabulous?  I'd love to hear about it!

Happy Friday!  Tomorrow is the Light the Night Walk for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  I'm so excited to say that my team raised over $2500!!!!  wooo hoooo!


  1. wow those are some yummy Fall finds ~ never heard of Biscoff Butter! I plan to check it out * thanx for your recent comment, LOL my fam & I are doing super ... after taking it easy this summer ... I never got back into my bloggy groove once school started ... thanx to you a few other inquires ... my bloggy blood is pumping again! thanx, friend * Have a great time at the Light the Night Walk for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!!! way to go!!! happy FRIDAY * *

  2. Yummy finds! I may see if Hubs will let me run in the Whole Foods when we're in Winston tonight. Yeah...I don't have one in my town either! Saw the Pumpkin Marshmallows in WalMart, too. Avoided, but will get some soon...I just know it!

  3. All of these look divine! I'm excited to try to find the cinnamon Cool Whip. It could be used in so many different ways.

  4. Great finds! I'll have to keep my eye out for the marshmallows and cool whip..yumm!



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