Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Hops

I'm having Facebook issues.  Anybody else notice a drop in their page impressions?  Mine suddenly plummeted a few weeks ago and I haven't figured out how to fix it.  I hate that Facebook is constantly changing things!  So anyway, I thought I would participate in a few hops to hopefully get my Facebook numbers back up.  I'm feeling very unloved at the moment.

Feel free to follow me via GFC or Twitter too :)

Blog Hops Everyday and A Mommy's Blog Design Studio Friday Blog Hop



  1. Haha. Um. Sorry. What does that mean? Page impressions? where does one even find out that info?

    And if you're unloved, I'm absolutely hated. ;) I wouldn't take it personally. Those people are missing out, right? :D

  2. I know about your FB page? I don't think I follow you there. I don't recall seeing your posts. My blog posts to my page. Seems to be doing okay. Let me know via email. :) Don't feel unloved..cause you are loved!

  3. Hi,

    New follower from the blog hop please comes follow me back :)

  4. Hi dear,

    Find you on Cee Facebook hop, liked your page and though I'll check your blog also.
    Actually they have changed a lot indeed but don't feel unlove you're grow back again. Are you liking the pages with your PP ? are you liking some status and sharing some posts ?

    Well I'll sure you'll rocks again !
    Love is all around


  5. OMG It seems like I didn't put my link on !
    hope you'll check my blog too

    happy FFF


  6. Face book is changing too much for my liking too.

  7. I'm so facebook inept I don't even know what page impressions are!

  8. Not sure about FB page impressions but I am a new follower! Looking for my 200th follower.



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