Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Melts IN your mouth?

Me: How did you make such a mess?!
Mr. Three:  I not know! (while laughing)

Me: Let me see (so I can take a picture)

Me (again): I thought M&M's were supposed to melt IN your mouth, not on it!
Apparently that only holds true when you eat them like a normal person, 
not gnaw the outside only and leave the pretzel.  
Who does that?  hmmm, obviously the kid of the women who stopped to take the above picture ;)

Want to really laugh?  Check out yesterday's post where I try to "Heely"!


  1. :-) He is getting so big. I would gnaw the chocolate off to. Who wants the pretzel when you can have the chocolate lol.

  2. Aw that is so cute! I like how he said "I not know". Too cute.

  3. That is so fricken cute! I would try to take off the chocolate to get to the pretzel though! :D

  4. The pretzels are the best part! silly/adorable :)



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