Thursday, December 15, 2011

Reindeer Noses

I wanted a little something to give out to the kids in my son's 3 y/o preschool class.  I decided on "Reindeer Noses" b/c it was cute, quick and easy. (and I would get to eat the extra candy. Always a bonus.)

I found a printable bag topper from Puddles and Gumboots, which was awesome, b/c it kept me from trying to figure it out on my own.  I used Whoppers for the brown noses and red Pretzel M&M's for Rudolph's nose.
My bags are a little ghetto, but I did NOT feel like making a trip to Michael's in search for cute little bags that are just going to be thrown away anyway.

Also, instead of using cardstock, I used regular construction paper.  I just cut it to fit in my printer and it worked great.  I guess I should mention that I was putting these together at 9pm last night, so I didn't exactly have time to go shopping for supplies.  You can tell a lot of planning and forethought went into these gifts.  Whatever.  The end result was still pretty cute I thought!
They also look cute sitting in a bowl.  Notice there are no green M&M's.  The bag came with a mix of red & green.  I wonder what happened to them?  Someone ate them.  It wasn't me. *I lie*

This bowl was also quickly devoured as soon as the kids got home from school.

So much for having reindeer noses laying around the house!

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  1. Such a cute idea! I wish I had little kids to give these out to. I don't think my coworkers will get it quite as much.

  2. Were there extra Whoppers? Wanna share?

  3. How fun (and a good excuse to eat the green ones!).



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