Wednesday, December 14, 2011

{semi} Wordless Wednesday - In Memory of...

Our Christmas tree would not be complete without these crocheted ornaments.  They were made by my husband's grandmother and given to us when we were first married.  Not only do we have ornaments, but we have stockings, decorations, and each of my children have at least 2 blankets....all made by their great-granny.

Granny passed away this year and this will be my husband's first Christmas without her.  I know it is hard for him to look around and see so many reminders of her, but it is also very comforting and special to have these things made by her own two hands, that we will be able to pass down to our children.  So even though she is not physically with us, her spirit lives on.

Merry Christmas Granny!


  1. that's beautiful!
    i miss my own grandmother terribly!

  2. That's so tough. The ornament is beautiful and what a wonderful way to remember her at this special time of year :)

  3. It's wonderful to have those gifts and memories of her. Second year without my gram, and I think it will take several more to have the holidays feel normal. She was at the center of all our traditions.

  4. It's lovely and I am so sorry for your loss this holiday season.

  5. We have a lot of these on our tree too. They always make me think of fun Christmas memories.



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