Thursday, February 23, 2012

Egg free Waffles

The other night the kids wanted waffles.  Yes, I said night - we often eat breakfast for dinner!  The problem with pancakes and waffles is almost all of them contain eggs.  Eggs are not our friend in the Mo'Betta house due to Mr. Three's allergies.  (Actually, the rest of us love eggs, but they really don't love my little man.)  So, I'm often on the hunt for new recipes that are egg free, yet delicious, AND somewhat healthy, that the whole family can enjoy.  Thanks to Pinterest, and some awesome 'pinners' and bloggers, I have found lots of vegan and other egg free recipes!

No Egg-o Waffles adapted from Holy Cow! Vegan Recipes

Dry Ingredients
1 3/4 cup whole wheat pastry flour (or a mixture of all purpose and wheat)
1 tbsp baking powder
1 tbsp sugar
1/4 tsp salt
Whisk these together in a bowl and set aside.

Wet ingredients:
1 1/2 cups soy skim milk
2 tbsp ground flax whisked with 5 tbsp water
2 tbsp apple sauce
6 tbsp canola olive oil

Whisk the wet ingredients together and add to the dry ingredients. Mix together but let some lumps remain.
Heat a waffle iron and spray lightly with cooking spray. Make waffles per instructions for your waffle maker. 
Enjoy with syrup or fruit, or....
just pick them up and eat them plain!  
For some reason, he has decided that he no longer wants syrup (which is fine by me!) and doesn't want them cut up.  Whatever.  As long as he is eating something other than chicken nuggets and cereal!

These waffles were a hit with everyone.  Next time we will double the recipe.  They had a great texture - crisp on the outside, but tender on the inside.  I would also recommend using a light olive oil b/c I could taste the EVOO a little.  You can also use canola (which I rarely use anymore), and probably coconut oil, which I've never tried before - but it's on my grocery list!

Have you used coconut oil before? What are your thoughts on it?

I'm linking up with Cybele Pascal for Allergy Friendly Friday!


  1. Breakfast for dinner is the BEST. I'm definitely trying these because I like to save my eggs for other precious lemon curd or ice cream.

  2. Ooh, these look really tasty! I pick up my waffles like that and eat them plain too--glad I'm not the only one! Your son is clearly awesome. :D

  3. In Germany we pretty much never have waffles for breakfast. It really IS more a lunch or dinner item for us. I love waffles with a lentil stew. yum!

  4. @Ella Konopacki - That is interesting to know! We just found out that my Dad's stem cell donor (for the treatment of Leukemia) is from Germany!

    1. Interesting. I'm glad to know your dad has found a donor. My husband did 2 bike rides for the leukemia and lymphoma society a couple of years ago by the way.

      I like to find recipes suitable for people with food intolerances. I'm always on the lookout for them. This is how I found your site. :)

      Nowadays I have lunch for breakfast (pancakes), desert for breakfast (muffins) and lunch for dinner since my main warm meal of the day used to be my lunch... just to fill in some more infos about eating differences.

  5. Thanks for this recipe!!!! I'll make these with coconut oil and let you know how they turn out.....

    1. Thanks Katie! I have just recently started using coconut oil, so I really should make these again using it. My kids LOVE pancakes and waffles!

    2. I forgot to come back and tell you that these were really delicious with the coconut oil!

    3. Thanks Katie! I just used the last of my coconut oil, gotta replenish and make these again!



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