Wednesday, March 14, 2012

No pics

There are two things in life I really hate - car trouble, and computer problems (ok, there is way more than two, but let's just focus on these right now). If you saw my post on Facebook, you know that it is not my car I'm getting ready to rant about. It's my STUPID computer!! It crashed! Just out of the blue, no warning, just. Died. What is up with that nonsense?! AND, it just happens to crash at a time when I had it loaded down with pictures. I'm usually pretty good abt keeping my pics on a thumb drive or online storage- or both if they r really important to me, but recently I've been putting it off. So, I'm sad. So many pics that I may never get back. Also, how can I blog abt all the food I've made when I have no pics?!

Anyway, I had a few suggestions on FB abt possibly salvaging the pics so I'm going to work on that and hopefully be back to full operational mode soon! This typing on the iPad is a little slow going.

I have a giveaway ending in a few hours for the Target gift card & General Mills cereal (with Atari download) and I will hopefully have more giveaways coming up soon. Gotta get this computer situation straight. Wish me luck!

Oh yeah, and just to share a piece of wisdom... Back yo' sh*t up!


  1. I hope you can recover your data! If it's not a problem with the actual hard drive you can usually get the data off. Of course, that seems easier said than done if you don't have the first clue on how to even start that process. That would be me, clueless :)

  2. I hate that! I just lost everything...I feel you. I just wanted to anyone and anything for a week. HUGS!

  3. Computer problems are the worst. I hope it gets fixed soon!



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