Monday, April 30, 2012

My new favorite salad dressing

I am pretty picky when it comes to salad dressing.  For years I would eat my salads plain - not even ranch! Of course, my salads also consisted of iceberg lettuce and carrots.  Thankfully I have evolved somewhat and like lots of different things in and on my salad. However, I still avoid French, Catalina, Thousand Island, just to name a few.  But I am here to tell ya....THIS salad dressing by Moni's Natural Dressings & Sauces is THE.BOMB.COM. It has such a fresh, natural taste to it, with the perfect amount of spice to give it nice flavor, but not be overwhelming.  It enhances your salad, instead of completely changing the taste and texture. AND the Light House Tomato & Oil Vinaigrette has only 20 calories and 0.5 gm of fat per serving! Awesome.
I'm a fan.

Not only was this dressing very good, but I was also impressed with their sauces.  
I had the opportunity to try the Garlic and Basil Marinara and the Spicy Garlic Marinara (Arrabiata Sauce).  Spicy means SPICY. I have bought supposedly spicy pasta sauces before, and they were not the least bit hot.  This one lives up to it's name!  I like spicy hot...but it was almost too hot for me, as their website says "It's not for the faint of heart!".  I preferred to mix it with the Garlic and Basil Sauce, which is probably the best jarred sauce I've had, and together they were twice as fabulous!  Again, like the salad dressing, it has such a fresh flavor - not boring, bland, can't-really-tell-what-it-is-made-of.  The main ingredients are (from site)
  • Fresh California Tomatoes
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Fresh Picked Basil Leaves
  • Italian Herbs & Spices
I enjoyed my salad along with this pasta dish of whole wheat pasta, turkey Italian sausage, Moni's sauce, Parmesan and fresh basil.  Along with bread and a little


If you are in the Texas area, you may have already had the salad dressing as it has been the house dressing available in many restaurants in that area for years.  If you are interested in seeing the supermarkets and restaurants where Moni's is available, check out their website  Unfortunately, they are not available in my area :-(  I foresee a road trip to a Whole Foods in the near future!

If you see the products in your local supermarket, I highly recommend checking it out.  Or you can order online!  I was also pleased that "The entire Moni's line is made with all natural ingredients and no preservatives. Additionally, all of the products are naturally gluten free and produced in a Gluten Free Certified Facility." (from a Moni's Natural representative)  

I really want to replace my Tomato & Oil Vinaigrette (because, yes, I finished that bottle faster than any salad dressing ever!), but I would also like to try their Italian Country Balsamic Dressing. I do love balsamic!

Let me know if you try or have tried these products!

I received products to facilitate my review and will be receiving compensation for this post. However, in no way does that influence my opinion of the products and I was under no obligation to write a review, positive or otherwise.


  1. I have not seen those yet but I will be sure to try them. Thanks!

  2. Finding a good salad dressing is hard work! Most of them are too thick and weirdly creamy or have some strange aftertaste...yuck. but this one sounds delicious! have to keep an eye out for it!



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