Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Healthified BLT

'Tis the season for fresh tomatoes. And what makes a tomato mo'betta? Bacon of course.  However, if you are watching your 'bottom line', you are probably limiting your bacon.  It's not exactly bathing suit friendly.
Of course, pleezzee don't get me started on bathing suits.  Gag me with a spoon.

Anyways....I really wanted a BLT the other day.  (I just started eating tomatoes in the last couple of years. True story.)  I decided I would make a healthier version, and even though it doesn't look like much, it was delicious!  It just requires a few healthy swaps...

*wheat bread in the place of white (I use the lower calorie bread by Nature's Own. 40 calories/slice)
*TURKEY bacon in the place of pork bacon (this is where you save lots of fat and calories.  I recommend cooking turkey bacon on a griddle, so it gets nice and crispy. I nuked it for this sandwich and def. not as good.)
*Hummus in the place of mayonnaise (My grandma would flip out over this, but seriously, it's good! I used Supremely Spicy Hummus  but you could use roasted red pepper or whatever flavor you like.  You could also use fat-free mayo.  *Gasp* Yes, I went there.)
*Replace iceberg lettuce with a dark leafy green! Iceberg has very little nutritional value. I like a spinach & arugula mix. Just remember, the darker the better! That used to be my tanning motto as well.
I also like to add lots of black pepper, a little salt, and fresh basil.  

Anyone else hungry now?!

(And those are veggie stix on the side. A little better than potato chips. Or Heavens to Betsy, you could skip chips all together and have some fruit on the side.  *I shudder*

and of course, light beer instead of regular ;)


  1. Ooh that looks so good. I love the hummus idea. Fat free mayo- what is that?!

  2. Ummmmm. Sounds very good. Non quilty!!!

  3. That's a very interesting option Kim....I'm going to give it a try. My boys don't like Mayo anyway, so hummus could be a great option. Thanks so much!

  4. I love BLTs. I hate mayo though so I always use mustard instead.



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