Monday, June 4, 2012

Teacher Gift Idea

Yes, this is another teacher gift idea involving cookies!  My kids gave these out during Teacher Appreciation Week, but I forgot to post them and they would be good for the end of the year too.
We had extra Girl Scout cookies, but you could use any cookies you like. 

The {free} printable is available from Home is where they love you.  I heart free printables :)

Need a homemade cookie recipe? These are pretty simple, yet tasty....

Special Diet? Try one of these...

Homemade 'Thin Mints' (low carb & gluten free)

LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL HERE!!! Wooo hooo! (let's see if I'm cheering when the kids have been out about a week!)


  1. Such a cute gift for a teacher, love the printable.

  2. Awwww.....

    I need to get these going. I have still two more weeks, so I still have some time.

  3. Thats a super cute idea!!!! ... and look at all of those yummy cookie recipes.

  4. I would love to get some Girl Scout cookies and I'm not even a teacher!

  5. Bookmarked for the far-off future in which I have children AND teacher's to gift cookies to!

  6. That's a totally cute idea. Of course, now I want Girl Scout cookies and I'm cursing myself for not buying any. What WAS I thinking?

  7. This gift is very suitable for teacher great and awesome ,i like it.



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