Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Totally Random

Totally random post, even though I have recipes to share.  Sometimes it's good to just ramble right?  Who said no?!  Just thought I would share the craziness going on over here at the Mo'Betta house.

For one, school is out so all 3 kids are home all day with me.  They are already bored.  I didn't sign them up for any camps or activities, b/c we were supposed to be moving around the 20th.  Well, the 20th has come and gone and not only did we not move, but we don't have a house to move into!  House hunting this go round (yes, we have done it several times) has been SO. FRUSTRATING.  We had a house all lined up and it fell through (we ended up pulling the contract). Found a 2nd house that was an absolute DREAM....but found out it wasn't such a dream....think water damage and mold.  Ugh. No thank you.  I have enough issues with my little allergy (and asthma) boy without adding that kind of trouble.  

Apparently, since we are looking for a home, everyone has decided to move into the same area. Yesterday.  The economy be damned, the area we are looking at is selling like hot cakes.  I really want to get moved and settled again before it is time for school to start back.  I think that is why this move is so frustrating.  Our kids are older and the transition is going to be much harder without having them start school here, then having to to move and start a new school somewhere else.  Just thinking about it makes me want a nerve pill.  So, wish us luck on the current house we are looking at!

Random item #2. I just saw this article.  Apparently, you can greatly reduce your chance of breast cancer if you exercise 2 hours A DAY.  HELLLOOO!!  How many moms out there exercise 2 HOURS a day?! If you raised your hand then I want to smack you.  (The article does say even the smallest amnt of exercise is beneficial).  I wonder if finger exercises from typing & pinning could count? *sigh*

Today, right now as a matter of fact, my Dad is at the Doctor getting his 2 year post transplant check up.  This includes a bone marrow biopsy.  Please say a prayer right now that the biopsy comes back clean.  I feel like everything will be fine, but it's that slight chance, the small little niggle of worry.....where is that nerve pill again?!

I have made some off the wall recipes these past few days.  Think combinations like blueberries and red onions; pumpkin, grits, and chicken; pumpkin, blueberries and anise.  Yeah....I've been on a roll.  The ones that turned out (and maybe those that didn't) will be posted eventually!

Iced coffee is the best. (see, randomness!) I have been freezing coffee into ice cubes (you can use leftover coffee or if you have a Keurig, just run water through your used Keurig cup. The 2nd use is not great for drinking, but works great for coffee ice cubes!)
I have a little heart shaped ice cube tray <3

Freeze your coffee cubes, then I have been making a cup of Gloria Jean's Mudslide coffee in my Keurig, give it a few minutes to cool a little (I stick it in the fridge), then add my coffee ice cubes.  It's delicious!  Just like a coffee house.  I like to add a little almond milk to it too.  I do not like flavored/sweet coffees in the morning, but it makes a yummy and refreshing iced coffee in the afternoon.  (Like I need more caffeine! I'm a lunatic over here!)  Keurig also makes coffee especially for brewing over ice, but I have found when you use the coffee ice cubes, you can use any coffee you want. (You can use regular ice with the 'brew over ice' varieties b/c they are super strong and won't taste watered down.)

Okay, so this is getting super long and probably boring the crap out of the 2 of you still reading. Thanks for letting me unload the randomness in my brain.  Thursday, we talk FOOD :)  (tomorrow I will be sharing some cute Father's Day pics for Wordless Wednesday!)



  1. Good luck on the moving situation. Buying a house sucks!

  2. First, I haven't tried the Mudslide coffee yet...yumm! Next, sorry your having trouble finding the right home..it is a PITA especially when you have a time limit. And last... yeah right, exercise 2 hours a day! I can not even go to the bathroom for 2 minutes by myself...LOL

  3. I know you guys will find a house that you will love. I have been wanting to try the Gloria Jean's Mudslide. Looks like it would be so good. Said a little prayer for your Dad.



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