Friday, July 27, 2012

Campus Book Rentals...It's almost that time again!

In just a few short weeks, college will be back in session.  Now, my college days are long over, and my kids are too young, but I know many of you are either going through school as "nontraditional students" (aka - "old". lol, just kidding - I was a 'non traditional' student when I went back for my 2nd degree) or you have children/siblings entering college.  Whatever the case, even if it's none of the above, I'm sure you know someone that you can pass along this info to, b/c it is worth sharing!

There is no need to pay the high college book store prices! I know when I was in school, the only option was to purchase books at the book store, and then pray they would buy them back at the end of the semester.  Half the time they didn't, and if they did, you only got a small fraction of the cost back.  It was always very discouraging!  Well, now there are other options.  Like Campus Book Rentals.  You can rent your textbooks!  Not only can you rent them at much lower prices, but shipping (both ways!) is FREE. No waiting in line at the book store, just order, have them shipped, use them for as long as you  need (they have flexible rental periods) and return them for free!  They also have 30-day risk free returns, so if you drop a class or whatever the reason, that's no problem.
Nursing Diagnosis Handbook : An Evidence-Based Guide to Planning Care, Ackley, Betty J. and Ladwig, Gail B., 0323071503
I was very impressed by Campus Book Rentals, and decided to do a little price comparison. One of the books I used was this Nursing Diagnosis Handbook (granted, an earlier edition I'm sure!).  This book can be rented for an entire semester cheaper from Campus Book Rentals than you can purchase the same book used off Amazon!  And you can still highlight in your rented books!  Now, I don't know about you guys, but I seldom kept my books at the end of the semester.  The ones I did keep (usually b/c they wouldn't buy it back) ended up collecting dust and given away, rental just seems like a smart option to me.

One other MAJOR plus.....with every rental, Campus Book Rentals makes a donation to Operation Smile!
Read the stories from our patients that have recieved cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries
Read some of the patient stories from Operation Smile and see the difference they are making!

Disclaimer - I will be compensated for writing about Campus Book Rentals.  However, all opinions are 100% my own


  1. It's a good option, but I found many of the titles my daughter needed were not available or gone by the time she wanted to rent them. Still...not a bad way to go if you can, considering the price of books keeps going, up, up, up...much like everything else about college!

  2. A lot of my professors loved to have their own books printed up, that you had to go off campus to get at a special printing store. They were always expensive. And always one-time use. I think they did it just to see me cry a little bit.

  3. What a great website! I'll definitely keep it in mind when I'm trying to find affordable textbooks in the fall!



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