Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back to School Boost for Moms eBook

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Can you BELIEVE it is already time to think about back to school?!  As a matter of fact, some schools are starting back today.  Yikes!  The summer has flown by so quickly...and I am just not ready to think about school schedules, school lunches, extra curricular activities, rush to get dinner on the table and homework done...and the list goes on. However, it doesn't matter if I am ready or not...because here it comes!

Lucky for us, there are a group of fabulous bloggers who have put together the 'Back to School Boost For Moms' e-book.  Not 1, not 2....but FIVE e-books that are being bundled together into one fabulous package of information that will help get us ready, and dare I say, ahead of the game during this hectic time of year.  Better still, they are offering the bundle at a very reduced price!

The 5 books available in this bundle are:
  1. Create Your Perfect Cleaning Schedule: So You Can Get More Done In Less Time ($5.99) by Christine at I Dream of Clean.
  2. The No Brainer Wardrobe: Get Dressed with More Confidence and Less Fuss ($7.99) by Hayley at The Tiny Twig.
  3. Cupcakes: 12 Months of Hapiness! ($4.99) by Liz at Hoosier Homemade.
  4. Feast in 15: Speed Cooking Weeknight Dinners ($4.99) by Tiffany at Eat At Home.
  5. Tell Your Time: How to Manage Your Schedule So You Can Live Free ($4.99) by Yours Truly (Amy Lynn Andrews) at Blogging with Amy.
So what's the catch you ask?!  The catch is this is a ONE WEEK ONLY SALE!  That's right, it is only available for this week, Aug. 1 - Aug. 8.

So how do you get in on this great deal?  Just Click here to visit Eat at Home.  The price is only $10 (total value: $28.95), but remember, the bundle is only available this week.  Get great information, and support some great bloggers!

Disclaimer - As part of the affiliate program for this special deal, I will receive a commission on books sold. 

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  1. I passed on a blog award to you :) Don't feel obligated to post about it if you don't want to. Just know I think you're cool!



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