Monday, August 27, 2012

Chopped Salad

This is my new favorite way to eat a salad....

I have found that I can eat more veggies if they are chopped up into teeny tiny little pieces! The smaller they are, the less you have to actually taste them.  Yes, you guessed it, I'm not much of a veggie lover. This salad however...this salad is the bomb.  There is no real 'recipe' just take whatever veggies you like in a salad...and maybe a few that you don't like too much (like broccoli!) and dice them up - 
I usually use everything I have in the vegetable drawer.

This salad has spinach and arugula as its base.  I chop that up as well.
After you have everything cut up, dump it all in a bowl and give it a toss.
Add your salad dressing of choice....I usually just make something up. In this salad I went with a little olive oil, lemon juice, splash of Worcestershire, and just a little honey. I also added fresh basil and salt/pepper. Pour dressing on salad (you don't need much) and give it a good toss.

Makes a great meal or side - 
I enjoyed this salad with my favorite 'smashed potatoes'.
If you do all your chopping ahead of time, then the salad comes together in a flash. I keep saying I am going to pre-cut lots of veggies to have them ready to go...but I have yet to accomplish that.  The chopping is a little time consuming, but I figure if it gets me to eat more vegetables, then it is worth it.

Now I am starving! But no time to eat...more boxes to unload :P  
I need to keep busy anyway, b/c my girls started school today.  4th & 6th grade. Yes, I now have a middle school-er   It is amazing the difference in the 6th graders and the 8th graders at school. I almost cried leaving my baby there. Not to mention, since we have only lived here a couple of weeks, neither of them know anyone. I SO hope they have a good day! It is so hard being the 'new kid'.

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  1. I am sure they will have a ton of friends soon!

    Not kidding, this morning I got stuck behind a school bus for more than 5 minutes because a boy who looked to be about five didn't want to get on the bus - he finally did though, but I imagined him crying his way to school. :(

    We go to a local restaurant and it drives my husband nuts, but I can have any salad chopped for an extra $1 - a chopped salad just tastes better!



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