Friday, November 16, 2012

Fun Holiday Craft Ideas for Kids - Guest Post

Today's post is from Jenn Lopez - a writer, crafter and mommy!  She has some fun craft ideas that would be great to do with the kids this upcoming Thanksgiving week.  Hello?! HOW is Thanksgiving already here?

Holiday crafts for the fall are fun for the kids and perfect for keeping them occupied for hours, allowing you to have more time to prepare for the upcoming holidays.  With materials that you probably already have around the home or can find outdoors, plus a little help from the craft store, kids can use their creativity to create countless Halloween and Thanksgiving items.

*      Natural items – Nature offers a large array of materials for being creative and being green at the same time. Pinecone turkeys are a classic; made with a pinecone body, a feather or leaf tail, and some little googly eyes purchased at the craft store.  Feet and a beak can be made from twigs or pipe cleaners. A hot glue gun is a must for this project. offers many other craft ideas using naturalmaterials.
*      Glitter Pumpkins – Take some Elmer’s Glue and pour into a paper plate and have the kids paint the entire pumpkin with the glue.  They can then create their own glitter designs by applying the glitter.  They can make faces, abstract designs or anything else they desire.
*      Wax Paper Transfer Candles – Have kids draw onto wax paper with permanent markers any holiday designs they want like leaves, flowers, pumpkins or Pilgrims. Wrap the wax paper tightly around a white pillar candle and secure with tape.  Using a blow dryer, heat the wax paper evenly. The design will be transferred to the candle. These will make an excellent gift or a holiday decoration in your own home.
*      Kandy Korn Kone – A large floral foam cone, available at any craft store and some pompoms of yellow, white and orange are all that is needed to create a holiday “tree” that looks like a big piece of Kandy Korn. Glue, or pin, a row of yellow around the base, followed by orange in the middle and white at the top. The same technique can be applied to a witch hat for part of a Kandy Korn Witch costume.  A wig and an orange, yellow and white ensemble will complete the look. More creativeHalloween costume ideas can be found at Disney’s Family

Nowadays, it is so easy to find creative craft idea that kids can do for the holidays. There are also printable craft items available on line that can be printed out and folded into unique items.  Another idea is to let kids design the Halloween and Thanksgiving cards that are sent to friends and family. offers a great selection of holiday cards that can be used for any season.

Thanks Jenn!

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