Wednesday, November 7, 2012

(not so) Wordless Wednesday - Halloween Edition

I know everyone is over Halloween, and full speed ahead to Thanksgiving (and even Christmas!), but I thought I would do a little recap of our Halloween...

Remember this post where I had all my 'pins' all picked out for Halloween treat bags?  And remember how I said I would be frantically stuffing bags the night before?  Well, try THE MORNING OF the party!  How's that for last minute?!  Totally not my fault however...the stupid storm Sandy messed me up. However, in true Mo'Betta fashion...I got 'er done!

*I did not do the veggie tray that looks like a pumpkin, another mom brought it...but how cute is that?!  There were also some little toys in the treat bags that aren't pictured.

Preschool Party...isn't Spider-Man so cute :-) He was so happy to see his mommy!

and of course, costumes! 
The "bad fairy", the "pink skeleton", & Spider-Man!


  1. What a fun recap! I can't believe that are totally in the holiday season already! Where did this year go? EKE! Cindy from

  2. oh what fun love great fun family times

  3. everything looks like it came together great!



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