Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Card time!!

Merry Christmas y'all! Can you believe it is that time again?! I, for one, absolutely can NOT believe we are in the first week of December. Yowza! Time flies when you are having fun. And by fun I mean getting up at 4 AM with a barking dog, or 3 AM with a hacking kid, or cleaning up doggy vomit in the wee hours of the morning. Yep, that's been my week. Good times. Good times I tell ya. Seriously, I'm not even complaining. I have so much to be thankful for. I have my children, we have our health, my Dad is cancer free, my mom is doing well after a health scare a few weeks ago.  We are blessed.

My daughter just found out that one of her friend's teenage sister may have cancer. A blog friend lost her father a few months ago to cancer. Another blog friend suddenly lost her brother just before Thanksgiving. These things happen all around us all the time. So, when I am complaining about how loud my kids are being, or that my dog has peed on the floor for the 500th time, or get my panties in a knot over something stupid...I try to stop. Breathe. Put it all in perspective, and thank God for all that I have.  I am blessed.

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And what better way to express yourself, reach out to loved ones and let them know you are thinking of them this holiday season than with Christmas cards! I love this one (and about 100 more) from I have had the hardest time choosing a design because I like so many of them.  One feature I am in love with is that you can upload your photo and Minted will show you what it looks like on all the photo cards at once! I am seriously in love with that option.  I had several cards picked out before I uploaded a photo, and ended up choosing totally different ones b/c of how they looked with my actual photo.  It is a great option! It also saves you time from having to add your picture to each individual card to see how you like it. Here are just a few more options I like.....

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AND to make the cards even more can choose different options for the back of your card.  You can get it plain of course, but you can add a designed back, a back with more photos, and text.  It's so cool! Especially since I also had a hard time deciding what photo to use on the front of my card.  I decided on the one above, but am putting another one on the back of the kids actually facing the camera.  I know some of the friends and relatives who haven't seen them in a while will want to see their gorgeous little faces :-) AND it gives the option of adding text, so I am going to add our new address since we have recently moved.  SO.AWESOME.

Not to mention, you can get unique holiday cards with different types of paper, different shapes to your cards...they have options for everyone. Even if you are not into photo cards, they've gotcha covered. Not into Christmas? They've gotcha covered there too. They have New Year's cards, Hanukkah cards, and more. You may also may be looking for something very specific, like Baby's 1st Christmas card?! Or a large quantity for corporate cards.  You can even send one from your fur-baby....
 Fleas Navidog Christmas Photo Cards
how cute is that? ( image)

So, which one would you choose? Or, which one should I choose?!! I still haven't made up my mind! I will be placing an order very soon, so I will post which one I finally decide on later in the week!

Disclaimer: has provided me with a credit to order my holiday cards in exchange for a blog post. All opinions expressed are completely my own. 

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