Sunday, December 23, 2012

Easy Holiday Treats {Round Up}

This is my last post until after Christmas (unless something really important comes along to help keep me in butter. And wine.)  My kids are FINALLY out of school (they went until Friday!) and it's time to bake and watch Christmas movies, and  There are several things on my list to make, most are tried and true, with a couple new ones thrown in.  None of these are real time consuming or difficult and all are delicious!

Reindeer food aka white trash candy and this year's name - Christmas Crunch ;-)
(I've already made one batch, but we gave a bunch as gifts, so I will probably be making  more! The sweet and salty combo gets me every time. Side note - My daughter had a friend over the other night and she saw this on the dessert tray and said "oh, I love white trash!" I thought it was pretty funny.)

"Nut Balls" as they are so affectionately referred to at my house.  Also known as 'Mexican wedding cookies'.

Saltine Cracker Toffee - or Christmas Crack. You gotta try this if you haven't.

Old Fashioned Fudge - in my opinion this is the only one that is a little difficult.  If you are an experienced candy problem.  If not, get a candy thermometer. I have to use a thermometer!

Sausage Balls - Definitely a family favorite.

Oreo Truffles - so easy, so good!

New (to me) recipes -
We gave some as gifts, and saved some for ourselves! It's a fun and yummy way to make hot chocolate. Also, check my adult version.  The fudge is delicious by itself, and it makes a chocolate-y, creamy cup of hot chocolate.  

Loaded Chocolate Bourbon Fudge by How Sweet It Is
fudge and bourbon...need I say more?! 

CrockPot Cinnamon Almonds by Detrimental Beauty
sounds and looks delish...and the blog post/comments were quite entertaining.

And for Christmas morning...our traditional Monkey Bread!

I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC Christmas. 

Be safe and be merry!
(I have the ingredients for Bellinis & I'm going to focus on being merry for a little while.)


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  1. It all looks so divine...even this early in the morning! Merry Christmas!



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