Friday, December 28, 2012

Top 12 of 2012

I can't believe we are looking at the END of 2012.  Hellooo?!  I still feel like 2012 is some future year that sci-fi movies talk about, and here we are getting ready to enter 2013.  So weird.  Of course, I still feel like 1990 was about 10 years ago.  Yep, I'm getting old.  Ughhh.

Anywho (see, only old people say that)....these are my top posts from 2012 (based on number of pageviews).  I think all food and craft bloggers are saying "Thank You Pinterest!"

Bubble Up Pizza - definitely one of my kids' favorites this year

Easy Caramel Sticky Buns - yum

Lightened Up Butter Pecan Popcorn 

Pizza Monkey Bread

Skinny Brownies (this 2 ingredient method works well, but I prefer the brownie mix + yogurt)

Chocolate Pudding Dump Cake

Speedy Sausage Muffins - love these!

2 ingredient Apple Angel Food Cake

Boston Cream Poke Cake

German Chocolate Cake Bars

Baked Cream Cheese Spaghetti

'Egg McMuffin' Casserole

It's been a tasty year!  A big thank you to all of you who have read, commented, pinned, and shared this blogging journey with me!  It has been so much more rewarding than I ever imagined, and I look forward to sharing more kitchen adventures with you in 2013!  Any of you have big New Year's plans?  Do tell, so I can live vicariously ;-)


  1. I made the egg mcmuffin casserole and it was quite tasty!

  2. those german chocolate brownie things were probably my favorite dessert of the year. they were just so good. that bubble up pizza thing also sounds good. i want some pizza. why can't pizza be weight loss food? i would be so skinny.

  3. Oh goodness I so want a bite of it all! Great picks!

  4. Boy am I hungry now! What should I make first!

    1. I stay hungry! Why couldn't I enjoy blogging about....exercise?! lol



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