Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Progresso Recipe Starters and a GIVEAWAY!

I'm is it the 2nd day of 2013 already?!  Where is Christmas?  Didn't we just go trick-or-treating?!  It's all a blurrrr.  And my pants are too tight.  Time to break out and dust off those resolutions that I didn't keep from last year.  Yep, just checked...they are all pretty much the same. *sigh*

How many of you have resolved to cook more?  Less take out, less frozen foods?  I'm with ya.  When you are busy all day long, regardless of your job title (I prefer 'domestic goddess') it is hard to get a home-cooked meal on the table in a reasonable time.  My meal time usually consists of : cooking dinner, while listening to one child read, while fielding questions regarding homework that I don't remember from another, while entertaining my preschooler, tending to 2 (very aggravating) dogs, not to mention arguments between the two girls regarding who will have my attention first and who's homework is more important...and the list goes on.  No wonder I buy lots of wine, and look for easy recipes that do not require my full attention!
That is where Progresso Recipe Starters Cooking Sauce comes in.  Sometimes we need just a little boost to get from a set of ingredients on the counter -
to a warm, delicious meal on a plate.  This is just one of the easy recipes that can be made with Progresso Creamy Three Cheese Recipe Starter!  My kids loved it!  Of course, my kids, especially Number One, could eat mac n' cheese every day of the week.

Whether you are looking to transform leftovers, or cook a quick meal from scratch, Progresso has you covered.  They have several varieties of Recipe Starter Sauces, as well as recipes to go along with them if you are short on ideas (which happens to me A LOT).

The sauces available are:  Creamy Parmesan Basil - think creamy alfredo meets pesto, and can be used to make dishes such as Crispy Garlic-Parmesan Chicken, Creamy Chicken Alfredo, Basil Chicken Ravioli Carbonara and Basil Chicken Thai Noodle.  Creamy Roasted Garlic with Chicken Stock - roasted chicken broth and garlic sauce with a touch of cream, perfect for Creamy Lemon Chicken, Chicken Pot Pie and Chicken Enchiladas (one of my favorite dishes).  Fire Roasted Tomato - A medium-thick tomato sauce, with hints of oregano and bell peppers, great for meals like Pulled Chicken Sandwiches, Easy Weeknight Chicken Parmesan, Cheese-stuffed Mini Meat Loaves and Mole Tacos.  Creamy Portabella Mushroom - Described as a creamy and highly indulgent smooth sauce with sautéed Portabella mushrooms, great for Easy Weeknight Beef Stroganoff, Steak and Mushroom Sandwich and Tetrazzini.  Last but not least, they have Creamy Three Cheese - which is a creamy blend of yellow and white cheeses, with chicken stock, onion, garlic and cracked pepper.  This can be used for the above pictured Easy Weeknight Bacon Mac & Cheese, or Twice-Baked Potato Pizza and Cheesy Egg Breakfast Tacos.  See, there is something for almost every palate.  Find these recipes and more at Progresso and on Facebook.

So, onto the best part..the giveaway!!  The winner will receive the following prize pack - 
  • A set of 6 kitchen tools that is designed to improve hygiene and minimize the mess made by placing utensils onto kitchen surfaces during use
  • Progresso Recipe Starter recipe book featuring 5 recipe ideas
  • 1 Can Progresso Recipe Starter (Creamy Three Cheese)
  • 1 Can Progresso Recipe Starter (Parmesan Basil)
I love these sturdy and colorful kitchen utensils!  Please enter via the Rafflecopter form -

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  The information, products, photos and Progresso™ Recipe Starters™ gift packs were provided by Progresso through MyBlogSpark. I received the same gift pack as being offered to my readers.


  1. I have used the Parmesan Basil and some scallops to make a great seafood pasta. Looking forward to trying the other flavors.

  2. Progresso Recipe Starter (Creamy Three Cheese)

  3. I want to try all of the flavors, but will probably start with the Creamy Portabella Mushroom.

  4. I find meal planning keeps me on track, I usually do a week to two weeks a time to keep me on track. and I agree the Crock pot :)

  5. I think I could get the whole family to agree on the Creamy Three Cheese or Fire Roasted Tomato. My pantry is bare after the holidays. Time to stock up on some quick meal staples.

  6. I would like to try the Creamy Portabella Mushroom recipe starter.

  7. I'd love to try the Creamy Three Cheese. Sounds yummy!

  8. I love Joseph Joseph kitchen things... they look so great! I've never tried any of the Progresso Recipe Starters... but I'm pretty sure I could create dinner with any of then!

  9. I think I'd be most interested in trying the Creamy Portabella Mushroom starter. YUM.

  10. Creamy portabella mushroom starter debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  11. I would love to try the Creamy Roasted Garlic!

  12. The creamy three cheese I would like to make macaroni and cheese with it

  13. the Creamy Parmesan Basil - for a quick delicious chicken Alfredo
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com



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